If you’re anything like me, you’ve put thought energy and effort into a project, only to be disappointed that the results were not what you wanted. Here’s a tip on what may have ‘gone wrong’ and how a revised perspective can help.

You’ll find this added understanding invaluable. As with most “secrets” it requires the use of wisdom in application – Yes, you must DO something.. You’ve probably heard, “Faith without works is dead”. As Zig Ziglar says, “Ya gotta DO before you can HAVE.” The good news is – its less work than you might think. But you will have to think (!)..

A slight course correction in our thinking can yield tremendous results, and – since you’ll be doing anyway – doing with understanding will help lower stress, ease frustration and help you get to the success you want in less time and (especially) with less worry.

We’ve been taught that to become great, we must serve. We’ve been told to “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over..”. Now despite any opinions to the contrary, this IS True – it IS LAW. And yet maybe you are among those who haven’t recognized the results you are seeking. Fear not Ye! A minor revision in your thinking can allow you access to miracles.

At Christmas time, many ‘gifts’ are exchanged. And for many, this is exactly what is happening- there is no real “Giving” but rather more of a Trading. In other words, we “give” but only in expectation of receiving something of like value in return… As one of my favorite teachers is quick to point out, It is not what you do but how you do it (!).

We now have scientific evidence demonstrating that intention is key. What we intend is of overarching importance. Quite frankly, intention is second only to LOVE in Power in our Universe.

The Key to Unlock Receiving is two-fold:
1) Doing the Serving - Giving from the heart without expecting reciprocation. Just DO it!
2) Understanding that “Return On Investment” will not always come back to you from the same person you served or the same place you gave.

In other words, Give, Serve, Help, Assist… and then trust the Universe for your increase. Stop trading and start giving!
So often – especially in “sales”, we put forth great effort to serve Prospect X, only to be disappointed that they don’t buy from us. We get frustrated – and we know that ‘feeling bad’ doesn’t help us... And yet we fail to make the connection that the “new” customer that we stumbled upon later or a different sale that came in ‘out of the blue’ was (actually) the Universe’s response to the work we did for Prospect X.

Yes ! You’re getting it – The admonition “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is a good one. Don’t demand to get the results you imagine you’re owed the way you expect it. The Universe is a BIG Place – and not limited to working through one specific reciprocating process. Stop Trading! Giving works so much better than trading. So keep giving – keep serving – because the TRUTH is that it shall, in fact, be given unto you, good measure, etc… – just not necessarily from the same place where you gave it.
Trading has its place...

But REALLY Giving – Serving –
..without expecting something in return..

..Now that’s a catalyst for miracles.

Author's Bio: 

George Thomas is a Certified Practitioner of Matrix Energetics™, Certified Hypnotist and provides “Focused Mind Healing” (ref: Ozark Research Institute). For more information or to schedule a Session, visit the website: www.IwantJoy.com