Several clients had mentioned having had feelings of being overwhelmed during the week; it made me think. I didn’t have to think that hard-I’ve certainly felt overwhelmed before. We all have our different reasons. We all have our own bar of "overwhelment"…how much we can stand before we can’t stand it anyone. It’s best if we don’t allow ourselves to go there at all. When you notice yourself heading in that direction take a break. Often the things you’ve been putting so much energy into trying to make happen begin to happen. There’s a shift in the energy. They happen even though you are giving them less of yourself, and have decided you’re going to be less overwhelmed by them. Interesting!

You have to remind yourself not to get caught up in a new project or idea and to have a timetable in mind that you want to see materialize. Before I was a certified career coach, I was a Television Commercial Producer for many years…timing was everything…planning was everything. I’d start to think about what I’d need to accomplish and when, but not everything and everyone is necessarily on the same plan you are. You can control yourself, but you can’t control everyone else. What to do? You have to breathe deep and realize you can do as much as you can do and that there’s always going to be a certain percentage of the equation that you will not be in charge of. To me it’s like planting seeds and waiting for them to grow. You may be able to enhance the soil and the fertilizer, but you still may be dealing with the same seeds and season. Things can change from season to season. In other words, it’s important to be flexible and open to adjusting your expectations. There’s no telling where things can go.

Here’s something else to think about: we can get so caught up in the how and forget the why. We can become so fixated on reaching the finish line that we forgot why we decided to run. In our day to day happenings, we get wrapped up in trying to make things work. We want things to progress. We want things to come true. We may accentuate the negative, and minimize the positive because we’re so obsessed with reaching perfection and getting to that finish line. Remember what it is that you like about what you do. If you don’t like it, then think about changing. You spend too many of your hours working not to like it. If you haven’t thought about what you like about your job, think about it now. What are those things?

How much of your time do you give to your job? It’s even easier to be overwhelmed if you don’t give yourself any downtime. It used to be that long ago and far away, your job was your job and when you left it, that was it-unless there was some amazing “job emergency”. Now when we leave our office, our job follows us; it follows us through our phone, our texts, our email, it follows us all hours of the day and night. This is overwhelming! Everyone is different, every job is different, but you need to make a “closed for business” time for yourself. You need to be closed for business so that others know not to reach you and also so you know not to be constantly thinking of it. Tomorrow is a new day. It will come soon enough.

How much sleep are you getting? It’s easier to feel overwhelmed if you’re not getting enough sleep. Some of us need more sleep than others. YOU know what you need to get to feel like you’re at the top of YOUR game. Get it! I personally need eight hours and I make sure I stick to a bedtime routine. I’m in bed at the same hour within a half hour almost every night. My maintaining this same sleep routine makes it easier for me to fall asleep every night. This isn’t some special plan of mine, it’s doctor recommended. It can be different for everyone, it’s the continuity that’s important. Give it a whirl. A rested body is less likely to feel overwhelmed. You like these tips? Sign up for more tips and tools on my Life Coaching Matters website at

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Heidi Gottlieb is an Associate Certified Transformational Career Coach, an experienced marketing executive, a fundraiser, a writer and a speaker. She’s passionate about helping others reclaim their empowered self and discover their dream careers. Do you have a job that you wish you were enjoying more or you think you should be making more money at? Do you want to start your own business but you’re afraid? Heidi can't wait to connect with you. Sign up for her tips and tools. Check out her blogs. Contact her for a coaching session.

When she's not coaching, she's relaxing in Long Island, New York with her husband, her two kids, and her multiple furry friends enjoying long distance walks and various dark chocolate confections...although not all at the same time.