The very beautiful Kelly Ripa has just disclosed that she attributes her beauty to Botox®. Nonsense! Kelly was born beautiful and she is hoping that frequent injections will maintain her currently beautiful face.

There are a few questions that come to mind - what will she look like in ten years? Will her face be misshapen by repeated injections or will she have succumbed to the scalpel? Will her face look recognizable or will she look like the “rest” of Hollyweird?

I hope she learns about the green benefits of facial exercise before her face is ruined by over-zealous docs who could eventually take away her natural beauty. It’s true. We’ve seen the results of those celebrity women who have given their powerful, naturally beautiful faces over to those who contort their God-given features into masks that are hardly recognizable.

Using injections that paralyze and plump faces is a worldwide epidemic - so is cutting perfectly healthy tissue. This mutilation does not create especially beautiful faces. Over time, the injections and the cutting can produce the “cookie cutter face.” More procedure may create a hard look/ edge and that harshness does not help you look younger, radiant or fresh.

C’mon! You’ve seen once familiar, identifiable faces that sport pillow cheeks, upswept eyes and too taut features that scream “done!” Without naming names, there is a recent photo in the news of a celebrity husband and wife team – he looks his age but her face is not the same face she wore when she became famous. How sad! This once, natural beauty is no longer wearing her identifiable face.

Imagine the horrific embarrassment of a celebrity whose face is no longer special. How can a casting director or a producer seriously consider hiring a seasoned professional for a role if no one will recognize her face? It’s happened previously; with a no longer recognizable nose, one very talented star no longer garners plum roles and has been passed over for leading roles because no one recognizes her.

Most likely you’re not a celebrity or even in front of a camera very often but you probably have the same wants and desires of well-known stars - to look terrific, and presentable with a pretty, toned and tightened face that belies your age. After all, who wants to look old or frumpy? And, who wants to wear a soft, spongy, saggy face?

Your face is your calling card. It absolutely defines who you are. If you ruin your good looks with injections, surgery or other invasive procedures, you will be very mad at yourself and probably at the doc, too. Once the deed is done, it cannot be corrected because your once beautiful face is gone forever.

Explaining away a freakish, mutilated face to your family, friends and co-workers is next to impossible. They do not know what to say and neither will you.

Why not consider the safe, sane and natural alternative to injections, surgery and invasive procedures by learning how to save your face using an isometric with resistance facial exercise program? You will look 5, 10, even 15 years younger in weeks, your friends, family and co-workers will easily recognize you and you will save money, time and disappointment.

Learning to reverse the visible signs of aging is a cinch when you use facial exercise. Just take a look in the mirror to determine your level of facial aging. What’s going on? Do you see hooded eyes, a lined forehead, crow’s feet, droopy cheeks, jowls, pouches and the dreaded wattle under your chin?

Just as exercise works for your body to tone, trim, lift and tighten wayward muscles that cause bulging thighs, thick waistlines and not-so-slim tummies, facial exercise will go to work to help you look better than you have in years by defining and contouring the facial muscles that support the skin. You’ll look younger, more vibrant, serene and best of all, no costly injections or procedures are needed that would cause you worried, sleepless nights or wasted money.

Now Kelly, like most celebs, likely has disposable income to spend thousands of dollars throughout the year for everything she desires. Most of us have limited income so purchasing high ticket injections or buying a plastic surgery procedure might stretch our narrow budget, but in the end, you cannot fool Mother Nature. Natural, safe, proven facial exercise techniques will enhance your beautiful face and you will look years younger without any risk or harm.

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