As a blogger, you must have started somewhere. You cannot be a professional blogger just in one day. Blogging might be your talent. You might have become a blogger naturally without much struggle. However, other bloggers are on board to make some income. Besides, this is not a bad thing. There is always something that motives you in blogging. You possess writing intuition that propels to write amateur blogs. You have a blogging goal to achieve. Aim at becoming a personal blogger. However, you can only achieve such a goal when you identify and correct your blogging mistakes. This article explores blogging mistakes you can avoid while creating an amateur blog. You can avoid them to improve your blogging expertise.

Avoid difficult blog name

You might be tempted to use a hard blog name. This is especially when you are beginning. Using difficult blog name never makes your blogs unique. You need to avoid such a mistake while creating amateur blogs. Using hard names will cost you at the end. Go for an easy, short, and simple name. Your blog will be the best. This is if the name is easy to spell and remember. Your blog readers want something they can easily read. When creating amateur blogs, use a simple blog name. It will make it easier for your blog users. Your blog name needs to be straight to the point. It will enable you to attract huge traffic.

Failure to be present in social media

Are you creating amateur blogs? Your presence in social media it most critical. You need to be active in social media if you are running a blog. Being active in social media means a lot to your blog readers. You can easily engage with your readers on a personal level. This is practical when you use social media. The activities you undertake on social media make your readers take your blogs seriously. There are popular social media platforms. They can enable you to bring huge traffic to your blogs.

Shun a poorly designed site

A hard site to navigate is not good when creating amateur blogs. You need to invest in a suitable idea. It will make navigation easy. Besides, it will make your blog to be user friendly. This is crucial for attracting traffic. No reader who likes an ugly website. Besides, your blogs will not be taken seriously. Ensure your theme is nicely designed. Your theme needs to be good looking. It will help you to convert and attract more readers to your blog. If you are creating amateur blogs, don't risk. People will not take you seriously with a poorly designed site.

Don't use unformatted articles

Make the right decision for your article formats. This is before you generate articles for your blog. Lack of proper format for your blogs will make it hard for your readers. Your blog users will face a hard time reading your blogs. Some readers mostly pick a few essential points from your content. Format your posts and make it easy for them. It is easy for them to extract information from a well-formatted post.

Avoid topic inconsistencies

Creating amateur blogs requires you to avoid inconsistencies. This will enable you to become a professional blogger. Lack of consistency in your posts will result in low traffic. You need to offer something good and unique to the readers. Research and publish new blogs regularly. When you fail to offer something new, you will diminish the morale of your readers.


Blogging is good. You can start and grow into a professional blogger. However, you need to avoid blogging mistakes. Blogging mistakes will make you lose traffic into your site. If you are aiming to be the best, avoid the above mistakes when creating amateur blogs.

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