As we age, the way we look, feel and dress also changes. There are several changes that are bound to happen in the body and these are to be adapted in our daily lives positively. We need to follow a new hair care routine with every passing decade as the hair quality, texture and health depletes. Here are few problems we all face and easy, workable solutions for every decade that include going natural and eating healthy, nutritious food.

The 20s

As we grow old, our hair changes their texture considerably. In the 20s the hair are at their healthy best, with elasticity, shine and vibrancy at the peak. In the adolescent age, we all enjoy a thick and long mane, which may fade away with time, and hence they require extra nourishment. We tend to experiment a lot during this time with different styles and colors that may cause harm in the long run. Styling uses a lot of heat in the hair that may make the hair roots weak and burn the ends permanently. From hair straightening to re-bonding, perming etc, most of us keep trying new styles with changing fashion. In addition, the chemicals in hair colors can make them dull.

To keep your hair thick & strong in the 20s, start with regular application of hair oil. It will not only deeply condition them but also strengthen them from the root and keep them from falling off with all the experiments and styling you would indulge them in. Using a quality hair oil like Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil can stimulate growth of thick, protect them from falling and give you naturally soft & smooth hair. Enriched with 7 natural ingredients, its regular application can keep hair problems at bay while giving you naturally beautiful hair. Read more home remedies for thick hair at our blog.

The 30s

In our thirties, there are considerable changes in our body that affect the hair as well. Many women suffer from hair fall during and after pregnancies as well. There are many hair care tips one needs to seriously take into account during this decade. One must regularly nourish their hair by doing weekly treatment with homemade masks and packs and avoid using chemically treated shampoos and other hair products.

The 40s and 50s

The forties are crucial years for health as well as the hair. During this time, there are many physiological changes that happen in a woman’s body and hence a lot of care is required. The hairs also begin to become thin and become dry along with changing their natural color to grey. Many women who undergo the process of menopause suffer from hair fall, hair thinning and hence a lot of care should be taken during that time. Apart from eating nutritious food packed with vitamins and minerals, go for natural hair spas and homemade hair masks that help to strengthen hair follicles and roots. Some of the hair masks you can try if the question how to stop hair fall bothers you to no end:

Hair mask for thinning hair:

a) Olive oil & ginger:

- 2 tbsp olive oil
- 1 tbsp minced ginger


- Mix the two in a bowl and use it to gently massage the head
- Leave it to dry for 30 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water
- Repeat at least twice a week for desired result

Hair mask for coloured hair:

a) Banana & cream hair mask:

- 1 mashed ripe banana
- 3 tbsp milk
- 1 tsp heavy cream

- Mix all the ingredients and apply it all over the length of your hair
- Leave it on for 30 minutes before rinsing it off with normal water
- Repeat at least once a week for soft and shiny hair

The 60s

When you are in your 60s the grey area is covered extensively across the scalp and hence it is very important to decide on what colors would suit the hair type. While many women opt for natural look, others should wisely choose between natural or chemically treated colours. Overall, a few changes in the lifestyle with each passing decade can make the hair stay healthy, strong and problem-free for the years to come.

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