Prostatitis is a condition that produces your prostate gland to get swollen, tender, and inflamed. It can be quite painful, particularly if you pee or ejaculate (release semen during an orgasm).

Doctors aren’t always sure what can cause prostatitis. Sometimes, contamination within your urinary tract is always to blame. Other times, it’s because of an injury or nerve damage. In many cases, doctors never discover the cause.

Because of that, answer to prostatitis is usually a challenge. For some men, it will take months -- or perhaps years -- to recover.

There’s no sure way to prevent getting this problem, but many small changes in lifestyle will help keep your prostate gland healthy. They may also assist to lessen your probability of prostatitis. If you currently have problems with your prostate, try these guidelines to help relieve your symptoms and keep the issue from getting worse.

Have good hygiene. Keep your penis and also the space around it clean to prevent infection.

Stand up when possible. When you sit for long periods, it puts pressure on your own men's prostate and inflames it over time. Try to avoid long bike rides and sitting yourself down for too long.

Get moving. Make time to exercise at least three times every week. Take a brisk walk throughout the park, stretch hit the gym for a cardio class -- just get up. Physical activity can help to eliminate feelings of hysteria, which can be associated with some types of prostatitis. Men who have an inflamed prostate also report that exercising relieves their symptoms.

Hydrate. Some types of prostatitis are caused when bacteria in your urinary tract make their way into your prostate and causes an infection. Be sure to keep yourself hydrated to keep the urine dilute and your bladder flushed out. If you have a pre-existing medical problem like chronic kidney disease or congestive heart failure, ask your medical professional about any special precautions you should take.

Eat more fruits and vegetables. They’re loaded with nutrients that may maintain body healthy and enable you to fight off infections and inflammation.

Order the meat on the mild side. There’s no research that proves eating particular foods can prevent prostatitis. But spicy foods, hot peppers, and chili can all bother your bladder making prostatitis symptoms worse.

Limit your caffeine and alcohol. Drinks like tea, coffee, and soda can inflame your urinary tract and bladder. So can booze.

Maintain a wholesome weight. Being overweight isn’t good for your prostate. Try to lose unwanted pounds to eat a wholesome diet, being active, and getting enough sleep.

Manage your stress levels. Men who cope with severe stress at work or in the home are more inclined to have prostatitis. Talk to a therapist to assist manage your emotions. You could also learn meditation or even a technique like whole-body relaxation. This teaches you how you can release physical tension out of your body in order to calm your mind.

Practice safe sex. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) sometimes cause prostatitis. When you have sex by having an infected partner and don’t wear a condom, bacteria can move into your urethra. That’s the tube that moves urine from the body. These germs could end up in your prostate.

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