If Dubai didn’t attract enough tourists, due to its skyscrapers and other tourist destinations, the Universal Studios Dubai will serve as an attraction for different tourists, who live near the area of Dubai. People, who would have traveled to the other Universal Studios destinations, and who are located near Dubai will find Universal Studios Dubailand far more attractive and cost-effective. Moreover, the proposed amusement park is said to be around twenty times bigger than Disney Land. Dubai will certainly outdo itself, with this project. The amusement park is just outside the city, and it is actually a city inside a city, because of its dynamic structure and the range of services provided. These include hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, art, planetariums, golf courses, resorts, spa and a beach. Universal Studios Dubailand will have everything, which any person craving for a relaxing time would want.

At Universal Studios Dubai, you will find shows, which will blow your mind away. The shows include Water world, the blues brothers, sesame street 4-D movie magic and the eight voltage of the Sindbad among others. Experience the thrill and excitement, when you take a ride on revenge of the mummy, flight of the roc, woody woodpecker’s nuthouse coaster and Jurassic park rapids adventure.

However, the plans are just on the paper. The construction is underway, but it has been going on for the past two years. People are wondering whether this project will actually come into life. They are waiting excitedly for its opening, so they can enjoy and have the best time of their lives in this beautiful city. However, since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 has halted its construction, many people have also started to wonder, whether the project will see the light of the day. Although, there has been word on the grapevine that the park will open sometime in 2012, there has been no official word. Is that the developers’ way of keeping the curiosity level high, and to attract more attention? May be, it is. It certainly seems to be working. There are rumors flying all around the Internet, and exciting discussions occurring at all forums. After all, Universal Studios Dubai is quite dynamic and is a huge deal.

Universal Studios Dubailand will serve as an ideal incentive for people to visit Dubai. Shopping forms the most critical part of Dubai’s tourism. In fact, this Emirates country derives much of its revenue from tourism only. Universal Studios Dubai will serve to be highly attractive for people of all ages to visit Dubai, and have the best themed experience of their lives.

Nevertheless, this project will serve to be the breaking point for Dubai. As Dubai continuously strives to achieve the status of being ‘Number One’ tourist resort in the world, Dubai Universal Studios will help it out in this endeavor.

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Universal Studios Dubai is sharing information about the leader of entertainment is introducing a new entertainment destination for complete family in Dubai. It is named as Universal Studios Dubailand.