Seduction is beautiful art and one that is thoroughly enjoyable. Whether you want to make him want you or you want him badly, here is a single guide on how you can get a man to like you or lust for you. A few of the tips you will find below may be scheming and perhaps sneaky, but hey, we aren’t playing dirty. You are only using the advantage of being a woman. Whether you want to start a relationship with him, or you want him sweating with desire for you, or you want him to trail you like a lost puppy, either ways, you will have a great time with these tips.

1. Work on your eye contact – make sure you don’t overdo the eye contact; you don’t want him to think you are the one attracted to him. Stare for a while and look away just when his eyes meets your eyes. This way he will not be sure if you are looking at him, and yet he will be curious.

2. Bring out your best side – if you want to act like a seductress then you have to feel like one. When you do, you will be able to perfect the move and put it to great use. You know what men love to see, so make sure that they are well accentuated on you. You have to be careful when doing this, because there is a fine line between showing off too much and looking appealing. Baring everything you have plus wearing skimpy dresses will attract the wrong people, you can wear something that will give him a little peek, a sneak peek will only make him want to see more. You can lean forward to pick something on the floor, just to give him a peek – guys usually have quick eyes when it comes to sneaky boob gazes.

3. Go weird – the good thing about being a lady is that you can do something really incredible. You can decide to wear really sexy outfits. Not everyone will like it, but again, you are dressed that way only for the man you want to seduce, as for all other perverts they can look the other way round,

4. Flirt with him – if you got the tips from number one to- three, the guy should already be interested in you. Right now, all you have to do is send signals to him, to tell him what you are up to. You can caress the rim of your glass while looking at him; you can play with locks of your hair, or even bite your lower lips. Accidentally touch him or place your hands on him while talking.

5. Hold back a bit – do not throw yourself at him, this will make a guy know that you are interested in him and when he knows that, he will not be excited by any of your antics. He will simply assume that you are just trying hard to get his attention. Seduction is about laying a seduction trail, and always making it looks like he is the one chasing you.
In addition, don’t let him feel like he was able to make an impression on you, and try your best to delay gratification – afterall, the thrill of seduction is in the chase and not in the conquest.

6. Create awkward moments – this is one of the most interesting part of seduction, you can try squeezing into a full elevator with him and while in there, let your butt touch his legs, or perhaps, give him a hug and while hugging, make sure your boobs touch his chest, you may also try getting something from behind him, so that when he looks back, he will accident tally touch your boobs, there are so many things you can do. Just carefully watch out for opportunities to do them.

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