Yesterday a friend of mine called Ian Baillie gave a talk nearby, and this was about “Surviving and Thriving on Post-2012 Earth”. Along with this, he also went into a number of people who he knew and the lives that they had had in the past.

I already knew a lot about what he said as we regularly get together and talk about different things. What did stand out were a number of quotes that he shared and these were by Voltaire.

It Flowed

After the talk Ian said that he didn’t go along with the talk that he had rehearsed earlier in the week, but no one would have known that what he said wasn’t planned. The reason for this is that there wasn’t a point where he was lost for words or looked up in the air for ideas.

From start to finish, everything just came out and I think that he could have carried on talking until the end of the next day, let alone that day. He has been a teacher for most of his life and it showed.

A Break

When the first part of the talk had finished, I went to the back of the room and this was when I was approached by a man. But although his appearance was that of someone who was in the later stages of his life, there was something about him that seemed a lot younger.

His presence or energy had more in common with someone who was in their early twenties. He was tuned in that’s for sure, and he had a number of different insights to share with me.

Another Conversation

I thought that this guy was very interesting and this meant that I wanted to hear more about what he had to say. At the end of the talk, a woman asked him if he would want to come back here again (as in back to earth).

Due to what she had gone through and what was going on in the world, she said that she wouldn’t want to come back. He went onto to say that this was her “earth mind” talking, and that it will be different when she is no longer in the human form.

Nailed It

The outlook that she had was defined by the experiences she had had up until that point and her outlook would change if she had different information. One way to understand what he was saying would be to think about how hard it would be for you to do anything if you felt extremely tired or unwell, and then to imagine how different it would be if you were full of energy.

He said that if she was no longer in human form and she was asked to do something important on earth, she might be only too happy to come back again. Her outlook would be different and this would change everything.

Final Thoughts

When I think about all this it makes me think about how everyone of us is here for a reason; if this wasn’t the case, we wouldn’t be here. What can make it hard to accept this is if we feel lost and as though our life has no meaning.

Yet in the same way that covering up gold won’t make it go away or mean that it doesn’t exist; being out of touch with our own purpose doesn’t mean that we don’t have one. If you would like to find out more about Ian and the work that he does on past lives, please go to

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