Looking for a great gift for that cute couple getting married soon? Get them a coffee maker. The newlyweds will remember you for years to come, each time they brew a cup of coffee. Coffee makers come in various types and forms. To help you decide what type of coffee maker to give to the couple, here is a brief overview of the various types of coffee makers.

Coffee making starting a few centuries ago when coffee was first roasted, ground, and added to hot water. Through the years, coffee making was refined to an art form with a range of coffee flavors appearing on the market. The types of popular coffee drinks include Cafe au Lait, Cafe Breva, Cafe latte, Cappuccino, black coffee, Espresso and much more. From here on coffee making was never the same.

There are basically four types of coffee makers: vacuum brewers, percolators, Electric drip coffee makers and water displacement coffee makers.

In Vacuum brewers the water is heated in a vessel till the contents are pushed up through to the chamber above containing the ground coffee. When the lower vessel became empty the heating was stopped. This created a vacuum that drew the brewed coffee back into the lower vessel through a strainer which was then decanted.

In Percolator brewers the water is heated in a boiling pot until the water is pushed out through a metal tube into a collection chamber containing coffee. The extracted liquid drains from the chamber and drips back into the pot. The process continues until the right color and strength of coffee are obtained.

The Electric Drip coffee makers are also known as dripolators. Here cold water is heated and passed through ground coffee which is then filtered and poured out.

In the Pour-over, water displacement drip coffee makers, water in a container is brought to near boiling point. It is poured into a top-mounted tray and flows down into a funnel and tube which delivers cold water to the bottom of the boiler. It then drips into the drip basket containing the coffee.

The sales staff at the store where the couple has a wedding registry will help in choosing the right coffee maker from the various brands available. Alternatively, these gifts can also be ordered online from the couples’ wedding registry.

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