Keep on changing your approach until your achieve your desired outcome. Past frustrations and failures lay the foundation for a new level of living.
Intuition, trial and error must always be your best friends. Know what you want to achieve, write it down and burn it into your subconscious. The” how” will appear if we have an open mind and use our supreme consciousness and intuition.
Continually strive to expand your references. Change by doing something different. Read a book on the subject you wish to learn about or master. Get up 30 minutes earlier.
Take a different route to work. While you are driving notice what is going on around you. Just for fun see if you can turn the radio off and become very aware of everything that is taking place.
I’m not knocking radio, just the fact that the constant input of “things”, TV, Radio etc, blocks your flow of thinking and creativity.
I watch TV occasionally and listen to the radio. I do not permit the constant chatter of either to numb my mind. I use to do this to escape reality. Listening to the radio as I drove to work and back home again. Watching TV at night and going to sleep to old movies.
Whether you like it or not, accept it that every thing you see or hear goes through your conscious mind and stays in your subconscious somewhere. These are references. Not always pleasant ones but references still.
I saw a billboard for a radio station the other day that said

“Change Your Station, Change your Life”

Take that how you will. I took it as changing the station in my mind to continually putting in what will empower me and not numb my soul and creative abilities.

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Author's Bio: 

Timothy Kendrick is a Retired Army Combat Veteran who served in Panama, Somalia, Operation Iraqi Freedom and various other wonderful places in the world, Korea and Germany just to name a few.
He Began his career as a military policeman with the 61st MP Company in the early 80’s, switched to Combat Medic and then to Broadcast Journalism in the 90’s.
Featured in Time Magazine (and several other media outlets) for his work in Somalia in 1993 he has taken the pains of war and tragedy and transformed himself into someone who empowers others. Timothy works with Veterans, Athletes, and Entertainers all over the world helping them to overcome their own personal challenges while rebuilding their lives.
He is the author of 5 books and over 300 articles on self empowerment.

His philosophy is simple

1 “It doesn’t get any easier later, it just gets later.”
2 "You do not need anger management; you “must” have anger resolution"
3 “What you give you get to keep"
4 “The body will always show what the mind is thinking”