We all have Spirit Guides and/or Guardian Angels that are available to assist us in our daily lives. Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are considered synonymous by some and different by others. Those who see them as different believe that Spirit Guides have been in body before and have had experiences similar to what we are expected to go through. On the other hand, Guardian Angels have never had a physical body. Deceased loved ones can also act as our guides for a period of time. All are available and willing to help us, but we need to learn to communicate with them to receive their help.

Guides are in soul or spirit form and not in physical form. They are discarnate spirits who watch, heal, teach and help us in our physical journey. They help us plan the life we are about to live and help us along the way. Our guides are not in body so they can appear in many different ways. If you are religious, they may appear as angels. Native Indians often have animals as guides. Those who follow the teachings of Silvia Brown may expect their guides to be Hindu-like in appearance. Guides may even appear as spiritual places.

Contacting and communicating with Spirit Guides is a well a established practice. Mediums or psychics like Edgar Cayce and Jane Roberts are two of the better know authors who have written about their connection with Spirit Guides. Most therapists who offer past life regression therapy also offer instruction on how to meet one’s guides. Brian Weiss, a notable psychiatrist, discusses contacting Spirit Guides in his book, “Messages From The Masters”. Silvia Brown has written several books dealing with Spirit Guide contact. Michael Newton in his book, “Life Between Lives” talks about how we plan for a future life with our Guides.

There are numerous accounts of someone who dies appearing to the one they love at the moment of their death. Strong love connections in one life are rekindled in a future life when souls reincarnate together again. Books like “Past Lives, Future Loves” and “You Are Born to be Together Again” embrace this belief. Love is a strong force which forges a powerful bond that transcends death. It is not surprising then that someone who departs this life will wish to act as a Guide for the ones they love.

If we accept the fact that it is possible to communicate with our Guides and the conviction that recently deceased souls may act as Guides for the ones they love, then it follows naturally that we should be able to communicate with those recently departed loved ones. And in fact, we can. Moreover, it is very comforting and rewarding to do so. It almost always eases the process of grieving and permits the person to get on with their life. You may wish to read some accounts of those who have had that experience. (see: “Contacting the Departed” at my web site)

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Michael Judd B.A., B.Ed., M.A.

Michael has over 30 years experience conducting classes and workshops on past life regression. He is an accomplished past life therapist and hypnotherapist and, although retired from his private practice, he will take on special cases. He has recorded several of his most effective past life sessions and has made them available as MP3 downloads. He also recorded a special session that enables one to contact a deceased loved one. www.strictlypastlife.com or www.pastlife.ca