Some people tend to get depressed more readily than others. Negative emotions tend to get the better of them easily. They are also easily affected by a melancholic art or sad music. There are some natural means that can help you enhance your mood when you are faced with such negative feeling causing agents. These can bring about a marked improvement in the overall state of being of that respective individual. These natural dispositions can alter the disposition of the person and state of mind for the better.

* Vitamin B – They are known to be great boosters of the immune system and are proven mood enhancers for people suffering from depression. After you administer Vitamin B into the body, it gets transformed into serotonin, a chemical that acts as mood enhancer.

* Omega 3 fatty acids – We all know that these are vital for a healthy heart. It is also popularly used as mood enhancers for people suffering from depression. Anchovies, salmons and sardines are rich sources of these Omega acids.

* St. John’s Wort – This is a popular natural remedy for a depressed mind and has been in use for centuries. Today they are available in a capsule or tablet form easily from the local medicine store.

* Vitamin D – This is also a powerful mood enhancer for depression and is naturally available from sunlight. People who like to avoid the sunny weather can obtain it naturally from cereals and fatty fish.

* Lavender – For people acquainted with aromatherapy must be well aware of the positive impacts induced by lavender. Amongst other uses, lavender has been traditionally used for making people relax and feel good. This flowering plant belongs to the mint family and it releases an essential oil that houses all the herb benefits. The trick lies primarily in the relaxing aroma that can instantly elevate the mood.

These are all natural mood enhancers that have the ability to cure a depressed mind without bringing about any side effects. They can be safely incorporated in the daily diet in order to salvage the maximum benefit from them. But, one needs to understand this fact that the curing of depression is a long process and the effects of the medication can be realized gradually. These natural remedies do not show any instant result and therefore, they need to be practiced with patience and diligence. One they are effectively incorporated in our system, elevating the mood during a depressed phase becomes a lot easier.

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