When I first started in Network Marketing in 1991 I didn't know my butt from my elbows. I liked what I saw and was sure if other people were doing it I could too. I was coming from the restaurant business so it was similar in the idea that both businesses dealt with people. The difference in the restaurant business they came to you. In Network Marketing you had to go to them whether it be in person, on the phone. When you ran out of names on your warm market list you bought leads.

So how was I going to do this. I used to watch this guy early in the AM with the big teeth telling you doing an infomercial on a set of tapes called "Personal Power." His name is Tony Robbins and he was very convincing so I ordered his tapes after much contemplation.

On the very first tape Tony talks about how 10% of the people who order his tapes never take them out the wrapper. they put them on a shelf somewhere and never listen to them. That was not me. I listen to them over and over. I didn't get out of them what I had hoped for, but that was more my problem than the tapes. I guess I was looking for a magical formula.

One thing I did get out of those tapes (they weren't doing CD's yet) was the phrase "Take Action." That made of lot of sense to me. You see you can have all these plans and goals, but if you take no action nothing will happen. Well I thought that when you got involved in Netwotk Marketing you just bought a kit and some product and waited for the money to show up. that is what I was lead to believe. Thank goodness it is not like that any more.

Most Network Marketing companies have systems and marketing tools that you can give to people. That being said if you don't take action nothing is going to happen. What does happen though is people get overwhelmed (another thing I got out of those tapes don't go into overwhelm) and think they have to do a lot everyday. Do one thing everyday and build on it. "Inch by inch it's a cinch, mile by mile it's a trial." Take baby steps, but take them everyday. "Take Action."

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