Ted Ciuba: I am intrigued because I have known, as you have, too, a couple of con men. I can think of two images. I’m not asking you to call them up and identify them, but I can think of two images in the recent years that I have been fooled by that, the evidence, later, showed. And then I think about magicians, who, their whole science is deception. And then I think about actors and they’re…. Well, it’s make-believe. Are they playing with these kind of energies that you’re talking about?

Tom Justin: On a much different level. That’s probably going more towards the science of NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming, which they will consciously give gestures, for instance and this is just a very simple overview, but they’ll consciously give physical and verbal cues that will cause people to be persuaded to look one way, look the other, a magician… Magic…stage magic is largely misdirection, causing someone to look somewhere else. There are…I mean these are great practitioners of this art.

The con artists learn to do it either consciously, or they just…they’re devious by nature and they take the human condition and they misdirect you, or they give you the cues, the verbal and physical cues, to bring you into their confidence.

And there again the edge that you get when you learn to use your intuition is…

Everything they’re saying, everything they’re doing, all of the enticements, are so good, and they look good, and I hear it all the time, I just couldn’t resist, it but I had a feeling that it wasn’t quite right… And they went ahead and did it anyway. And we’ve all done that at times in our lives.

But the more you activate your intuition the more likely you are to, at least, give yourself the edge of giving yourself enough time to make a proper decision and not let anybody back you into a corner. Because that’s the other way that the con artist, or the very convincing marketer who’s got a really good product, let’s say, is using a tool to convince you to buy something that you may or may not need. You know, “Only 14 left!”, “Only one more day!”. And there’s nothing wrong with those tactics, but instead of being caught…

If you’re getting the message and the pressure that there’s only one more day and you’ve gotta buy it now, and then the other feeling says “Mm-m-m-m let me just check this out, maybe… Is it right for me?” and you deliberate for a moment.

And you may or may not call it your intuition to give you that sense or that edge, as to whether or not to do it. But the practice can only bring benefit.

I had a woman the other day who is in my Wizard’s Edge course and she said that she saw something about the Your Inner Wizard. She went to my web page, yourinnerwizard.com and she had absolutely no interest in any of this. And she pulled up an article; in fact it was the article on FEAR. And it was exactly what she needed at the moment and she was following her intuition.

And yet, she looked back on it she said, “This is all woo-woo stuff and I wouldn’t normally believe any of it” and yet it all started to make sense. So we all are…we are moving, frequently in our lives, we are moving according to our intuition and we’re being guided. Some people say, “I feel like I’ve been guided somehow” and sometimes that’s just that inner voice that’s just saying “Go here. Go there. Don’t do this; don’t do that”.

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