As long as I can remember, I have heard myself and others say the words, " I had no choice". Sure, it may feel like there are not many choices when you are stuck in a cycle of anxiety, depression or panic. With all my heart, I know that everyone has a choice even when they are stricken with these frightening and often misunderstood disorders.

One never loses the ability of making a choice. About 7 years ago now, I was stricken with the anxiety-depression monster. Days, weeks and months went by and I made the choice to just lay there and continue on my catastrophic thinking and allowing my choices to have it spiral deeper. As an educated person and a successful business woman, I felt I had no other choice at that time because my mind was playing tricks on me and my body was was trying so hard to keep up with the chronic adrenaline.

It was that one day, that most important day of my life, that it came to me, I had a choice to keep myself stuck in this miserable, frightened state or I could change my thinking and start taking action. This one day was the beginning of my self success. No more was I the victim, I now had the freedom of choice, which had always been there but I never thought it was.

If you are stuck in an anxious state, a depressive state or anything other than what serves you, make that choice today to change. As having the experience, I know first hand it may seem easier to stay in the situation I was in, as the thought of putting in the effort to come out of it was bigger than the Empire State Building.

It all starts out with a thought.....The thoughts are actually what got me into the anxiety stricken place in the first place. Choosing to change the thoughts you are having to ones that will motivate and not give you the ever so unplesant sensations is the most important choice you can make for yourself.

You cannot have a feeling without a thought first, for example: If you think to yourself, " What if I freak out and make a fool of myself in public?" What comes next is the sensations, the panic and the end result: AVOIDANCE. If you change that thought to one of: " I will be fine when I go out, I am just a bit anxious, everyone is from time to time, I will be fine!" You will not have that feeling of fear, doom and no avoidance. It all comes down to how you choose to think.

I do not mean to make it sounds as though this is simple, because it clearly is not. The habit of thinking has been with you for some time and it will take at least 28 days to create the new way of thinking, but it must be tried and repeated daily. You have this choice, which choice do you want.......1. The one that is leaving you crippled in fear? 2. The one that will give you energy and strength to regain your life?

There are steps to take, but the first and most important step to take is to make the choice to live a life filled with joy, security, confidence and one that is not limited, filled with fear and doubt and worry. Every day we are faced with many choices, what we will eat for breakfast, what we will wear, what we will watch on tv, what book we will read...Life is about choices and it is no different when someone is suffering with anxiety, depression, panic, bipolar, agoraphobia, you have the choice to not live like this. Make this chocie today! Please for yourself!

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Kristen L. Baker, married with 2 children, son 12 years old, daughter 11 years old. Proprietor of a successful catering business. She is a Certified Master Life Coach, Certified Spiritual Coach, Certified Wellness Coach. She is a published author of two books: "It's Okay To Have Anxiety....Really! and 30Day Boot Camp To Eliminate Fears & Phobias.

Kristen coaches people in all aspects of life with a speciality in anxiety disorders, low self esteem, confidence building, Law of Attraction and goal setting. She is a dedicated coach and has her past experiences to thank for giving her this gift.
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