How do you show up to the world everyday? Are you impacting life or is life having an impact on you? What is the legacy that you are leaving? Have you stopped long enough to consider this?

Recently, I ran across the scripture Deuteronomy 1:6-7 “…You have stayed at this mountain long enough. It is time to break camp and move on.”(NLT)

Now is the time to focus on those areas in life where you’ve either gotten so comfortable that meaningful progress is no where in sight or you’re so frustrated that you literally feel stuck. Now I will warn you that this type of self-exploration can be a bit unnerving. Some of you may stop reading at this point because the thought of confronting this reality may be too much right now. Others may continue reading with great hopes of the answers that will be revealed at the end. There are those of you that will read and fully engage in this process we call change. For those that are genuinely ready to “turn the corner” and begin the renovation process on your life, I invite you to continue reading.

The truth of each matter always lies within us, but it is only when we boldly confront them are we granted the opportunity to consciously navigate through life and live on purpose. To get to this truth, you must be willing to review your life (career, relationships, values, etc.) and challenge your beliefs. What dreams have you avoided because of secret fears and a defeatist mindset? What is blocking your willingness to change your life? How much of your day is aligned with the big picture you have for your life? Have you given up hope for yourself, your future, and dreams of success?

Now is the time to take it back! Chase after the very thing that you believe is impossible! Recapture your enthusiasm, your passion, and your dreams! Walk into your destiny. Begin to open yourself up to the possibilities of what could be for your life. YOU have to be the force that drives the legacy you will leave and that starts with awareness. By being aware of the legacy you want to leave, you can literally direct everything you do in life because you are now able to envision the end in the simplest terms. Being intentional about walking out of your comfort zone can be uncomfortable, but when you are comfortable, it is a good possibility that you are not growing in one or more areas of your life.

It’s natural to feel fear or anxiety, but choose to keep moving forward despite it. To accept mediocrity is likened to drowning in quicksand, eventually your energy will be drained, and in the midst of panic and fear you will be completely distracted from what matters most – your life. Quit coming up with creative excuses to excuse yourself from making the necessary changes you need to make. You’ve stayed too long, move on!

Meditation Moments: Reflect on and journal at least 3 areas in your life that are due for renovation. Choose those things that will have the most positive impact. Develop a realistic plan to bring about change in each area. Then, each day, make deliberate choices to live in a way that will bring greater peace, clarity, happiness, and sustainable change.

Until next time….

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Change your life, change you legacy

Natasha N. Allen, MBA, C.P.C.
Life Strategist
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