Thinking of undertaking? Get inspired by these young people and start your own business. More and more young entrepreneurs are daring to launch that idea that is in their heads.

His motivations? There are many! Working on your own and without accountability to a boss, stop fulfilling schedules, gain financial independence and become a reference are the main motivations that make those young people venture to realize their dreams and start their own business. Still not very convinced that undertaking is your thing? Let's review the advantages of entrepreneurship. Let's see:

Advantages of undertaking

Be your own boss

Entrepreneurship means not having bosses and enjoying greater freedom; that is, when you start, you decide what to do, how and where. Managing your own time and not having a schedule to meet from Monday to Friday sounds perfect, but be careful: this carries a great responsibility.

Work on what you want

One of the biggest advantages of being a young entrepreneur is that you have the opportunity to choose the job you want. Do you remember that phrase of Confucius that said that whoever chooses a job he likes will not have to work another day in his life? This applies to entrepreneurs. When you are an entrepreneur, you can have your dream job, what you can't get out of your head and what you like to do. This is a great advantage, since those who work on something they like do so with greater motivation.

Generate more income

In the beginning, starting a new business may be complicated financially. However, starting a business gives you the possibility of generating more income than you would have working for someone else.

Meet new people

Another of the great advantages of the undertaking is that due to the pace of life required to maintain a business and make it successful you can socialize with new people you never imagined meeting.

5 success stories of successful young entrepreneurs to inspire you:

If you are thinking of starting your own startup, being a YouTuber or simply creating your own business, knowing the history of other successful entrepreneurs can help you boost your spirits and inspire you to start today.

1. Melyssa Griffin

She was a preschool teacher in Japan. But she quit her job and now is a blogger and online entrepreneur. Her love for blogging and graphic design. Her former employer gave her the task to create flyers for a school program because she so happened to bring her laptop to work that day. That was how she stumbled on her passion. Within three months of stumbling on her career as a freelance web designer, she was making enough money to quit her teaching job to pursue blogging and design full-time.

2. Jaime Riesgo, founder of Cervezas La Virgen

Jaime is a young entrepreneur of just over 30 years who combined his passion for beer and studies to set up a local brewery. After working a few years in the advertising area, she decided with a friend to start a business that would allow them to gain independence.

His knowledge in the administration and management of companies obtained at the Carlos III University of Madrid allowed him to create a business plan and write the values of Cervezas La Virgen. Today they have more than 40 people in charge and produce about 3,000 liters of beer per day.

3. Mr. Wonderful

Angi and Javi are two creative designer spouses of the brand and one of the best known online stores in Spain, Mr. Wonderful.

The business idea began when they both began to plan the details of their wedding and realized that the niche market for wedding gifts and in general was little exploited.
They started working and creating products to earn extra money, but, a month later, they were overwhelmed with customers and orders, so they decided to quit their jobs to devote themselves completely to Mr. Wonderful.

Wonderful today has 150 employees, sells in 26 countries, has more than 1 million followers on Instagram and billed more than 30 million euros in 2016.

4. Evan from Evantube

Evan is a boy of just 8 years who has become a benchmark of digital entrepreneurship in the United States. He has a YouTube channel called Evantube where he publishes videos reviewing products for children his age. With more than 5 million subscribers, your videos have reached millions of views and could be generating more than one million euros a year.

5. Yuya

Yuya is a young woman of only 25 years who has achieved success on the Internet working as YouTube. Its channel is the most popular in Mexico in the Beauty and Style niche. There are more than 22 million subscribers!

These are some cases of young people who have succeeded because of their entrepreneurial capacity. We hope that reading these stories will inspire you to start working for your own success.

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