Your online success plan for the year 2012 is not one that requires the need for marketing or technical skills! In fact all that is really required to become a success as an internet marketer is simply to know what it is you want and how it is you intend to get it! You see your marketing success depends upon only 2 things, a product and a plan and without both you have nothing!

Starting from scratch let's see the 5 steps you'll need to take to put together a plan that will lead you to marketing success online in 2012 and beyond!


Call it what you will, your vision, passion or dream but whatever it is it must capture your absolute focus and harness your enthusiasm! You must first 'see it' before you can do it! Having this vision tends to inspire you as an internet marketer and believe me, inspiration is definitely one asset you can use if you're looking to become a success online!

Realistic Plan

Now that you 'captured' that vision of yours how do you plan to achieve what it takes to make it your reality! Now care must be taken here as you lay out your 'map' because if what you plan is not realistic you are wasting your time and setting yourself up to fail! If you don't have the skills or resources to carry out what you are planning then what's the point? Ultimately your marketing success will depend upon an effective and realistic strategy!


There's only one way to start and that's by starting! You must take action for anything to happen and provided you've put together a workable strategy to make your 'vision' you must now take the next step! For things to happen YOU as an internet marketer must make them happen and this will require taking the specific steps you've already drawn up in your plan! Get busy or resign yourself to simply being content with dreaming!

Know When to Say When

Setbacks can and will occur and they are jam packed with useful information! Sometimes adjustments can be made and other times it may simply be time to take another course! Passion is great to have but don't let this 'love' blind you but instead remain realistic to the fact you'll need to adjust and adapt as you go along! The biggest part of your ability to become a success as an entrepreneur is to remain flexible in your approach and don't get too set in your ways! The strategy you so carefully put together is actually meant to start you off down the road but quite often it will only take you so far before modifications are required! Make them and move on!

Build From Your Mistakes

Identifying errors is an important part of your growth but never forget what you learned! Mistakes made today can be turned into tomorrows profits! When building your business remember that it is a process and you are part of that process! For you to experience the marketing success you look for you must personally grow as well and the way you handle setbacks is a large part of this process! Don't fear setbacks since they are learning experiences and of course inevitable! Remember failure only occurs when you quit!

Achieving online success as an internet marketer requires a plan and coming into the year 2012 this has NOT changed! In order to become a success and earn a good income using the internet as your business platform there are 5 relatively simple steps you'll need to take, as discussed above, to make this happen! As hopefully you've come to realize all that's really required for online marketing success is an idea, a plan and a willingness to take action and learn. To really become a success working online it simply comes down to your own creativity, and willingness to roll up your sleeves and get busy! Technical skills are hardly even a factor!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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