We have probably all gone to bed in the evening, full of good intentions to get up early and go for a run, go to the gym, or suchlike. We have also all probably woken up bleary eyed, groaned at the thought of the exercise which seemed such a good idea the night before, turned over and gone back to sleep.

When it comes to exercise, actually starting your regime is the hard part. Eating healthily and exercising actually speeds your metabolism up, increasing your energy levels, and you will find you can do far more with it seeming like far less of a drag.

So how does exercise work? Well, every time you do exercise, your body recognizes the need to speed metabolism, grow stronger and improve aerobic ability. It also has the overall effect of increasing general health and fitness. This message needs to be repeated again and again to get through so that the body can rise to the challenge by becoming better at burning fat for energy. You will be relieved to hear perhaps that exercise doesn't have to be too intense to have this effect but it does need to be done regularly and consistently.

The following exercise regime is what I recommend to help your body to both burn fat, and increase your blood and lungs' oxygen delivery system efficiency (aerobic) and increase muscle mass and metabolic rate (resistance). 20 – 30 minutes of Cardiovascular exercise, four sessions a week, and four sessions of resistance training, of a slightly shorter time of 20 – 25 minutes per session.

An easy but effective session could consist of:

The Warm Up. Always necessary before exercise, warming up usually involves some light aerobic exercise which will prepare your joints and tendons for the coming exercise. This should be done for around seven or eight minutes.

A form of ‘Strength Training' – ‘Resistance Training'. When resistance training, you should exercise all the major muscles and muscle groups. You should do one or two sets of each exercise, resting for between 30 seconds and 45 seconds in between these sets.

Exercise Aerobically. Aerobic exercise is a lot less intense, depending on your point of view of course! This should take altogether around 25 minutes. There are a number of aerobic exercises to choose from. Like cycling? Great, do that, or even skiing or running. Ideally, you should do 12 – 15 minutes of whatever you choose to do first, followed by 10 minutes of the next. The last five minutes of your aerobic exercise should be spent cooling down.

Stretch. Always finish exercise by stretching all the muscle groups, breath as deeply as you can, or even meditating.

Don't forget, you aren't going to get instant results, although you will start to feel better almost straight away in yourself, you won't have the body of Brad Pitt immediately! Here's a general guide to the timescale and expected changes.

1 – 8 wks. Feeling more energetic and better in yourself.

2 – 6 Months. Lose weight – fat, that is. The fat will be disappearing and muscles will be developing.

6+ Months. The fat should ‘drop off' you quite quickly.

You are reading this thanks to my friend who also happens to be a doctor. Without him I wouldn't have written it, nor stayed sane enough to do so.

Remember: Enjoy your existence – after all, ‘you're worth it'

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