Good attitudes bring good results, and bad attitudes bring bad results. It’s that simple.

And getting a good attitude is fairly simple. Just feed your mind a steady diet of positive inputs, and you will have a powerful positive attitude.

Try my “9-Day Mental Diet.” It will change your life and propel your career at Tastefully Simple. Of course, space doesn’t permit me to give you the whole thing. But here’s what you do on Days 1, 2, and 3.

On day 1, fill your mind with the positive. Instead of living your life on autopilot, letting any and all thoughts come into your mind, consciously feed your mind positive inputs.

Do this on the first day of every week, and do it throughout the day. Read inspirational books, listen to motivational recordings, or call an upbeat person. Spend a few moments meditating on your dreams. And by all means, avoid the cynics and gripers. They're
not going anywhere, but you are.

Starting your week with the positive will give you a huge release of power. It's like the phenomenon that happened in Texas a while ago.

There was an area of Texas where almost no rain had fallen for seven years. The ground had baked to the point where deep cracks formed in the earth. And on the surface there was nothing but powdery dust in which nothing could grow.

Then it rained. Seven inches of rain soaked the dead soil in twenty-four hours. The sun came out, followed by more rain. Finally, that beautiful flower, the blue bonnet, began to come up, and the earth was covered with flowers.

There was power and beauty in the earth all the time, but it took the rain to bring it out. The same is true for you. Flood your mind with positive input at least once a week, and you'll be amazed at all the good things that come out of you. You'll achieve more and feel better.

On day 2 each week, see all the good around you. Find something beautiful in nature, for example, and just take a moment to appreciate it. Dr. David Bouda, assistant professor of oncology at the University Of Nebraska College Of Medicine in Omaha, said, "I've never heard anyone looking at a rainbow say, 'Gee, I wish it had more blue and a little less red'."

You could keep a journal and write down 50 wonderful things that happen to you on Day 2. Include everything, even the smallest things—such as finding a quarter on the sidewalk or receiving a cheery “Good morning” from a stranger on the street. Dr. Susan Jeffers, author of End the Struggle and Dance With Life, says, "After awhile, you'll realize that most things that happen are positive, and you don't have to dwell on the negative."

On day 3, think only good things about people. Don't allow ill thoughts to enter your mind. Look for something you like in everyone you meet. One person might have a great smile, and another one might be extremely dedicated to his work. You can always find something you like.

I remember the time I was playing the game of Candy Land with my daughter Rachel. She was about five at the time, but unfortunately for her, she lost six games in a row. Every time she lost, she would clap her hands and cheer for me. She would say "Good job, Dad. You won! You won!"

Of course I wished she had won a few games, but most of all I was confused by her response. Most kids don't cheer the opposition, and many kids have a hard time with losing. So I complimented her on being such a good sport. She simply said, "Dad, what do you expect? I'm a positive thinker."

Obviously, she had mastered Day 3 of my mental diet. She was thinking only good things about other people. And Rachel was living proof of Wilfred Peterson's comment in "The Gift of Loving." He said, "Happiness is not what happens outside of you but what happens inside of you."

Tomorrow morning brings another day. I challenge you to rise and shine. It’s time to take control of your attitude. And when you do, success is just around the corner. You’ll be able to join William Ernest Henley, who wrote, "I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul."

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Dr. Alan Zimmerman is the CEO of Zimmerman Communi-Care Network, Inc. and the author of “The Payoff Principle: Discover the 3 Secrets for Getting What You Want out of Life and Work.” As a member of the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, he is ranked among the top 1% of all speakers worldwide and is a recognized authority in the fields of attitude, communication, and leadership. For a free subscription to his weekly internet newsletter, go