When your baby is born, he will have little control over his head, due to undeveloped and weak muscles. Slowly he develops this important skill, which is crucial for future developments, such as sitting, standing and walking.

By a month old, your baby may be able to lift his head and hold it up when placed in a sitting position by four months. When your baby reaches the six month milestone, his neck control should be much stronger.

At the newborn stage, your baby relies on his parent completely for support of his head and neck. It forces you to bond and interact with your child at this needy stage.
By the end of the first month of life, many babies can lift their head off the floor for a few seconds, when on their stomach. At around two months, if your baby is very strong, he may be able to pick up his head while lying on his back. When you are carrying your infant on your shoulder at this age, he can also hold up his head shakily, but briefly.

While sitting in a baby stroller or car seat, your baby will be able to hold his head up without the support of a neck holder. If you are an avid jogger, you may want to wait till your baby’s head control is stronger before you place him in the jogging stroller.

At about 4 month’s age, there is a major improvement in head control. While spending time on his tummy, your baby should be able to lift his head to 45 degrees and keep it up for longer periods of time. To promote stronger neck muscles, place your baby on his back and pull him up into sitting position, challenging his need to keep his neck in place.

At four months is the recommended time that you can start using your jogging baby stroller, but don’t try very rocky terrains yet, as it may jolt him too much.
As your baby nears his half birthday he will be able to keep his head up and erect and have complete control over his neck. This is the time that many babies learn to sit up and play.

If your baby has difficulty lifting his head at three months age, you should definitely bring up this concern to your pediatrician. Don’t be alarmed because every baby meets developmental milestones at different times, and some babies just need a little more time.

If your baby was premature, you should expect a delay in all areas of development including head and neck control. Early intervention therapy may be advised for a baby who is very delayed in motor development, and can give a child a good boost that will help him reach his milestones.

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