It is a fact that we all have bad habits, whether we admit or not. And it is also a fact that we all have to pay a price for our bad habits, in one way or the other.

I am giving below some of the bad habits that are a big hurdle in the way of your success, prosperity, health and happiness in life.

Bad habits that block success in life

-Getting up late in the morning
-Putting off things till tomorrow
-Wishing for success but not taking any steps to become a successful person
-Lot of planning but no implementation
-Watching too much TV
-Wasting time in useless and unproductive activities
-Not improving educational and technical skills
-Cheating others and telling lies
-Keeping company of failed persons
-Using unfair means to get things done
-Indulge in immoral activities

Bad work habits that hinder promotion at job

-Reaching late at job
-Not obeying your boss
-Not being polite and cooperative with colleagues
-Not taking interest in work
-Keep on pending important matters
-Showing bad manners on the telephone
-Not wearing proper dress required for the job

Bad habits that damage health

-Drinking too much alcohol and taking drugs
-No physical activity, workout or walking
-Excessive eating
-Eating too much sugary and fatty foods
-Not drinking enough water
-Not taking enough sleep
-Engaging in immoral sexual activities
-Taking too much stress

Bad habits that result in financial crisis

-Not keeping a balance between income and expenditure
-Purchasing through credit cards and not paying off in time
-Borrowing money from family, friends or institutions for non-productive use
-Not saving enough money for emergencies and unforeseen expenditures
-No financial planning for the future
-Compulsive shopping

Write down on a piece of paper all your bad habits honestly and make a solemn pledge with yourself that you will not allow your bad habits to ruin your life. It’s time to conquer your own self by defeating your enemy. Who is your worst enemy? No one except your own bad habits. Take hold of your life and bring positive changes in it by substituting bad habits with good habits. Can you do that? If so, then rest assured that good luck is knocking at your door. Open the door and say hello to a happy and successful life.

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Hifzur Rehman is a motivational author and the editor of his website . This website is dedicated to provide FREE practical guidance to those who want to achieve extraordinary success in life. Living a happy, healthy and successful life is not a luxury but a human necessity.

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