Before I got on ‘the path’ in 2003, I had no idea what beliefs were, let alone the impact that my beliefs were having on my own life. At this stage of my life, I didn’t think that I had much of an effect on my life and that I was nothing more than an observer of it.

This all changed in December 2006, when I heard an audio series where someone called Dov Baron was interviewed. To say that I was impressed by what he had to say would be an understatement – I was blown away by it.

A Great Teacher

Dov went into the power of beliefs and the effect that they have on our reality, in addition to talking about the law of resonance and the ego-mind. I thought that he not only knows his stuff, he also knows how to share it in a way that is easy to understand.

After that point, I ended up listening to numerous other audios that he made and read a number of his books. Shortly after I listened to the interview series that he did, I looked for additional support on how to change my beliefs.

A Reminder

I focused on changing my beliefs for a few years and after a while, my attention became preoccupied with dealing with other things. It became more about healing trauma than dealing with my beliefs.

Towards the middle of last year, this all changed when I was reading ‘Kahuna Healing’ by Serge Kahili King. On page 47 of the book he says, ‘the idea is that our experience is conditioned by what we believe, and we can only experience what we do believe is possible at some level of consciousness’.

An Inner Shift

Along with this, I listened to some of Dov’s audio material that I had listened to many years before, and interestingly, he mentioned the Kahunas. Once again, I was reminded of how important beliefs were when it comes to how I experience life.

What was clear was that something had changed within me, which is why I was drawn to the book and felt the call to listen to the audios again. If this wasn’t the case, I would have continued to be consumed by other things and unable to see what was going on.


When I think about beliefs, I would say that they are both the bricks that make up a house and they are what allow me to see a house. In other words, they are what make up our reality and they define what we can or can’t experience.

With this in mind, if you want to experience something, you will need to believe that it is possible. The other part of this is that you will need to believe that you deserve to experience it.

What Do You Believe?

One way that you can find out about what your beliefs are is to look at your life and to ask yourself: what would I need to believe in order to experience life in this way? This is one of the ways that Dov suggested.

If an area of your life has been a certain way for most, if not all, of your life, it could seem as though this is just how it is, with you simply being an observer. One thing that you could do to get things moving is to find a piece of paper and to write at the top: What do I believe?

How Can I Serve You?

Through doing this, you will start to become aware of the beliefs that have been running your life and, once a belief has been brought into the light, you can do something about it. If you can relate to what I have written and need additional support, one of the ways that I can provide this is through the personalised consultations that I offer via Skype or Zoom.

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