Ever deal with stress, anxiety or overwhelm? Ever feel powerless ?Whenever we experience any of these emotions or others that make us 'feel' bad, we assume it's the experience that is making that happen.  It isn't the experience, but rather a belief that has us interpret that experience in a certain way.
Mindset is the key to overcoming every challenge you're experiencing in your business and life and every result you want to be producing. Yet most entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders spend very little time developing their mindset.  In this session, learn the process of discovering the belief behind the feeling and how to flip that switch so that you can create the results you desire in business and personal life.
1.     Learn the five primary drivers behind basic human psychology and why it is that your beliefs dictate your destiny.
2.   Learn the key distinction that allows you to free yourself from the negative bias of the mind so you can create more powerfully in all areas of your life.
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Debbie Pickus is the Founder and CEO of Team Fireball, Inc. a company focused on creating power, confidence and a little bit of badass for her clients which include corporate teams, professional organizations and professional women.

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