It was September of 2018 when I visited my friend's place outside my city of residence. I was looking forward to spending the next 4 days chilling out and destressing from the rigmarole of my job and this felt like the perfect way to do it. I was frequently taking days off work as I could sense a burnout coming along and I was forcing myself to take these breaks to refresh my mindset, to get back with a little more motivation and zeal towards my career.

The friend who was hosting me surprised me by saying this "I'm taking you for this motivational seminar. You have been cribbing a lot lately and maybe this will help you". It wasn't the best idea for chilling out, but I wasn't averse to getting motivated. Moreover, this friend was hosting me, so I really had no choice.

We went to this seminar and it was going good, we were jumping with joy, talking loudly and introducing ourselves to random people and it was getting me out of my comfort zone. I am usually a shy, reticent, reserved kind of an individual and so this was exhilarating to change my state. Towards the end of day one, the person conducting the seminar asked a very pertinent question.

What's your Raison D'etre?

Raison D'etre is a commonly used French term in English and it means "Reason for Existence"

What he was asking me was, "What's your identity in life?"

And I had no answer. Throughout my life, I played various roles, the role of a son, the role of an employee, the role of a husband, a provider for my family and these roles had become my identity.

But this was not me. There was no purpose, no burning desire to do something that "I" would be known by. And this got me thinking.

So many of us live our lives playing various roles and conforming to what society pushes us towards and we, honestly don't carve out our own identity.

Being in Marketing and studying and practising Branding for the past 12 years, I was failing towards Branding Myself. We all are never driving ourselves to brand the "Brand You"

We don't realise that whatever identity we try to live in our mind, becomes our reality. We are manifestors of the highest order. Our thoughts become our life and our life is our REALITY

Over the next 15 months, my endeavour has been to now create an identity for myself. An identity that is not soaked in the greed to get myself popular, but with the honest mission to transform lives and try helping people find their Raison D'etre, their true identity. My book Brandify You aims to do just that.

My quote for life is "We are the CEO's of Brand YOU. Whatever we aspire and dream to become, will reflect in our actions"

It is time every individual out there sincerely looks at Branding themselves and have a purpose..a purpose to carve a new identity, an identity that can change YOUR REALITY!


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Author's Bio: 

Rishabh Marathe, author of Brandify You