Is there a noticeable disconnect between your efforts and the level of success and abundance you are experiencing?

Does something seem “off” or “not quite right” despite all the proactive steps you are taking to manifest abundance in your business and life?

If so, it’s time to take a deep breath and prepare to readjust your alignment.

I got a very real reminder of how important being properly “aligned” was last week when I woke up with a terribly sore lower back. Bending was hard. Moving was hard. There was no flexibility or ease as I tried to carry out the normal routine functions of my day.

But here’s the kicker. I didn’t necessarily “do” anything to cause my spinal column to go out of whack. It definitely wasn’t the result of trauma, or a pull or a strain. I’d just been ignoring some basics of good ergonomics for a long while, not doing my stretches regularly and my lower back seized up as a result.

I wasted no time calling the chiropractor. I know that vertebrae need to line up properly so the nerves communicate effectively to all parts of your body. I also know that when something gets out of alignment, there is less flow, then restriction and ultimately pain.

Think about this now as it relates to the “pain” you may be experiencing.

Maybe there wasn’t a huge trauma like breakup with a business or romantic partner, a major financial hemorrhage or a health challenge that took place. But you woke up one day and noticed that your Brilliance Backbone was stiff, rigid and no longer aligned with the values or goals you put in place.

It may even be hard to put your finger on what’s happening in your life right now. But I will tell you that this “misalignment” is definitely something that needs to be addressed.

Here’s what I consider to be the 3 key “trouble spots” that can take you out of alignment and keep the success you want just out of reach.

Trouble Spot 1 – Overlooking Cracks in the Foundation

It’s important to make sure you’re operating from a solid foundation when your goal is to thrive in life. You need to make sure you’re taking care of first things first.

If you’re a business person, do you have a plan for your brilliant business and are you following it? Have you systemized your operations so you can leverage your time better? If you want more love and connection in your life, are you taking time to enjoy your personal passions and practice strong self-care? These are just a few questions to help you check for cracks in your foundation.

Trouble Spot 2 – Not Stretching Enough

Another problem that can take us out of alignment with success is getting stuck in a rut. In a quickly changing world, sticking to the “same old, same old” of your relationships, your business programs, or your daily routines can get stale very quickly.

It’s important to check in regularly to see where you can bring some level of innovation and fresh air to your world. When we don’t stretch our bodies we get stiff and our muscles tighten up. Maybe there is a special project or trip you’ve had on the back burner. See where you can stretch your comfort zone and let your creativity bring some new vitality to what you are already doing.

Trouble Spot 3 – Ignoring Early Warning Signs

There’s a point at which you get an early warning sign that something is off-kilter. Perhaps a promotion doesn’t go as you planned, or your sales start to drop slightly. Maybe you notice you feel fatigued instead of inspired and realize that you haven’t taken any holidays lately, again.

Pay attention to those small early warning signs that tell you that something is feeling out of alignment. As Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Your Brilliance Backbone needs to be strong, flexible, and able to get you to where you want to go. If your Brilliance Backbone is not serving you in this way, it’s time to get a realignment—just like I had to do.

Author's Bio: 

Carolyn B. Ellis is the Founder of Thrive After Divorce, Inc. and the award-winning author of The 7 Pitfalls of Single Parenting: What to Avoid to Help Your Children Thrive after Divorce. A Harvard University graduate, Carolyn is a Certified Master Integrative Coach™, Teleclass Leader, an Advanced PSYCH-K Facilitator and the first Canadian to be certified as a Spiritual Divorce Coach. She has also served as Staff Coach at the Institute for Integrative Coaching at John F. Kennedy University in San Francisco, CA. She is a member of Collaborative Practice Toronto. Her three amazing children and bouncy labradoodle dog are her daily sources of inspiration and joy.