Due to our contemporary lifestyle, most of us cannot find the time to take the car into the workshop to get a conked out glass fixed. In a few cases, it might not be feasible to drive the car anywhere due to damage that is too detrimental. You can never predict when a stone from that front truck on the highway will hit the bull’s eye or hail from a storm or something innocent like temperatures changes will cause a crack in your car’s windshield. Negligence with such cracks can lead to widening overtime and might end up doing more damage leading you to expensive replacements. To accommodate your busy schedules and emergency circumstances, the experts at Glass.net bring auto glass replacement and repair services right up to your doorstep.

Whether you are at home, in the workplace or stuck somewhere by the side of the highway, our technicians will come over and provide you with all the windscreen solutions you might be looking for. They provide windshields repairs for chips, cracks and scratches. These time saving and hassle-free mobile windshield repair services are offered by our auto glass partners with no extra charges. We offer online windshield price quotes for both auto glass replacement and repair from local auto glass shops in all 50 states and more than 300 locations across America. Our mobile windshield repair services facilitate feasibility and reach locations that are convenient for you as our customers.

Still wondering why to choose glass.net for windshield repairs? Here are just some of the benefits of using our services:

1. A Hassle-free Experience:
We ensure that the car glass repair for every car, truck or SUV done by our local specialist using PRISM i.e. pre-resin injection suspension method should be a hassle-free experience for every customer.

2. Quick Windshield Repair Appointment Duration:
Many glass repair services claim that technically it takes 20 minutes to repair cracks in a windshield. However, depending on the type of car, the condition of the windshield frame (the frame is bent or damaged) or the vehicle structure is such that the glass is difficult to replace, the service can take longer than an hour. Our partners carefully inject the resin in the damaged part, provide vacuum pressure using specific tools and let the adhesive curing happen thoroughly.

3. Fix Within 24 Hours:
With our streamlined search process, we help you find auto glass services that are not just speedy and efficient but can fix repairs like scratches within 24 hours.

4. Mobile Auto Glass Replacement Even in Rain:
Read it twice? Yes, you can now avail our mobile auto glass replacement and repair even during rains as our partner auto glass shops are open to assist under two conditions:

• Availability of covered area for the auto glass repair.
• Moisture free vehicle that is dry for at least an hour before repairing begins, so that the urethane seals properly and you do not end up rescheduling your mobile glass repair to either workshop or for some other day.

5. Accurate Cost Estimates:
The cost of repairing a windshield can vary depending on the location and your vehicle type. Our real-time cost comparison tool gives you accurate information. Thus our cost estimates never differ amidst repairs. You can still take your vehicle to a shop nearby you but it is worth enjoying the convenience of our mobile repair services without spending an extra penny!

6. Easy booking Mobile Windshield Repair Service:
To schedule our repair service we provide two options:

• Select the mobile auto glass option from the Glass.net order on our website, or
• Specifically ask for mobile auto glass when you give us a call.

7. Presence of Customer Not Required During the Appointment:
Our technicians will call you before they come or alternately you can buzz them to give them a heads up. During the mobile windshield repair appointment your busy schedules remain uninterrupted as all you do is:

• Sign and leave a note authorizing our technicians to work on the complaints.
• Leave the car key with our technician or keep one of the car doors unlocked.

8. Professional Warranty:
Ability to offer repairs for all kind of chips, cracks or scratches including, professional warranty by few auto glass repair shops, if not all.

9. Customer Feedback:
Glass.net has a track record of top quality services providing the highest customer satisfaction. For more details, please go through customer testimonials on our website.

10. Talented Tech Team:
We provide A-list technicians team from our trusted local auto glass partners in your nearby area.

11. Commitment:
Sincere allegiance to the well-being and security of our customers and their vehicles is our prime motto.

12. Assistance with Insurance:
Cost of windshield chip repair might be covered by your insurance provider. Just pay your deductible and remaining cost will be covered fully or even waived off depending on the state you live in, if you choose windshield chip repair instead of the replacement for insurance.

13. Possible Warranty for Free Replacement:
Finding a technician for windshield chip repair near you is helpful as more and more windshields tend to have a limited warranty period. So there is a possibility that if windshields are broken, they can even be replaced for free or a nominal charge. For more information, it is recommended to verify with your vehicle dealer.

14. Professional and Quality Partnership:
We partner with only original equipment manufacturers of glass and high precision mechanism for both replacement and repairs.This ensures each glass we install is very much compatible with your vehicle.

15. Only OEM i.e. Original Equipment Manufacturer Glass:
Worried about the integrity of the original manufacturer’s seal? Professional windshield repair shops partnered with glass.net to leave the original manufacturer’s seal intact around the glass. While repairing the glass they make sure auto safety standards related to windshield functions of visibility are maintained for your safety while driving. In short, when you find an auto glass repair shop from our site, rest assured that they will not only repair for a reasonable cost but also use only OEM glass.

16. Flexibility and Exclusive Discounts:
Apart from the above benefits, you get access to exclusive discounts on mobile windshield repair services with our easy 30-second secure process in order to compare up to 3 unbiased quotes from pro-rated mobile auto glass services near you. Choose the finest service that best suit your circumstances and budget with no obligation!

To get quotes for the front, side, or rear car window, simply follow “windshield repair near me”. Once you reach glass.net,enter the zipcode, vehicle year, vehicle make, click on “Get 3 free quotes now” button and leave the rest up to our mobile windshield experts!

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