Your commitment is one of the biggest assets you have and what it takes to be a really good blogger! Once you start blogging it's important that you continue updating your site since this is what gives your platform life! Of course your objective is to build a following of loyal readers but this will only happen by posting consistently and offering people something interesting to read! For those who approach their blog as if it's a hobby, do not expect to build a following very quickly if even at all! Investing a part-time effort will only get you part-time results! On the other hand a genuinely good blogger understands you must give people something worth reading and on a consistent basis in order to build a following! There are other aspects of any blog that also must be addressed routinely if you want your site to be a popular destination for people online!

Here are the 5 main areas you must focus your attention on once you start blogging to give your site life and allow it to flourish!


Doing research is something you must accept and do on a regular basis if you intend to be a good blogger! Staying current on what is going on in your particular niche as well as how readers tastes and preferences may change is vital to your success! The way you present information and the quality and accuracy of it will help determine how successful you in your efforts to build a following! Since change is frequent and rapid within the internet environment the only way to stay informed is through research!

Content Creation

There is no way around this, if you want to be a good blogger you'll need to 'dish up' content that people enjoy reading! The more frequently you post to your platform the faster you'll be able to build a following and 'grow' your authority within the niche! Before you even start blogging you must absolutely be aware and accept that you'll be writing, and quite a bit! This aspect of your blogging duties is the most important and is what your platform will be built around!

Site Maintenance

Whether it is addressing comments, updating plug-ins and themes or making design changes, you'll never be without some type of site maintenance to do! Although this aspect of your blogging is not difficult, it does call for a bit of patience and diligence on a regular basis! Every good blogger finds the time to address these needs and is typically scheduled into their everyday blogging responsibilities!

Ongoing Education

As alluded to above, keeping yourself informed about not only the intricacies of how your platform performs but industry knowledge as well is an ongoing process! Being a good blogger means offering people something they enjoy reading and this also means presenting it in a way that is pleasing! Changes in reader preference, site appearance, marketing strategies and even security issues are all areas that will require your constant attention so you must therefore stay informed!


The proper promotion of your platform is necessary in order to make people aware of its existence! The marketing strategies you use when you first start blogging will likely change over time and once again is something with which you must stay current! Without traffic you have no readers and therefore no possibility to build a following which of course is your intent, isn't it? At this time one of the best ways to build a following for your blog is to use social media sites to get the 'word' out and the traffic in! Always remember however what may work for you today, in terms of marketing, may be outdated or at least less effective tomorrow, so stay informed!

Above all else your commitment is 100% required if you have any aspirations of being considered a good blogger! Many people start blogging only to find they lack the time, ideas or enthusiasm to continue their efforts and this is NOT how to build a following of loyal readers! The role of any blog administrator involves 5 key areas as discussed above that requires constant attention and if you're not willing to devote the time than don't even start blogging! What are your thoughts on what it takes to build a blogging platform that is a popular destination for readers? Let me know by leaving a comment below! Always love to hear from you!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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