The rules and regulations vary from state to state. Every country has its unique rule when it comes to selling and purchasing the vehicle. Following the legal procedure and completing the legal documents is the basic need associated with the purchasing and selling of the vehicle.

There comes a time for every car owner, when he/she thinks of selling it. There can be numerous reasons of selling the vehicle be it selling the old one to get a new vehicle, to settle the financial debts or when the car owner cannot bear the cost of maintaining the vehicle. There are different ways of selling cars and most of the car owners fail to decide on the right option. Here are a few tips which can be a great help to the car owners who are willing to sell their vehicle in UAE.

1. What can you not do?

While selling a car in Dubai, it is illegal to place a sticker on the car window stating that vehicle is on sale. Such advertising can lead the car owner to legal troubles and may also result in impounding the vehicle. Additionally, one cannot sell the car if the car loan is not completely paid to the bank. If you still owe money to the bank, then technically the car still belongs to the bank. Moreover, while you plan to sell your car in UAE never ever accept a personal cheque as a payment for the car. There have been multiple frauds reported registered for the bounced cheque.

2. How to sell and where to advertise?

Selling a vehicle in Dubai is considered a time-consuming and hectic process. One can put car sale advertise on the supermarket notice boards with the permission or can list the vehicle for sale on various online sites, newspaper and magazine. You can also walk into pre-owned car dealers in the UAE to sell the car directly. The online car selling websites are considered as the easiest and most convenient option available. The car owner needs to visit the website and fill in the vehicle details like make, model, odometer reading, color etc. it will then evaluate the best price for the car using the online estimate calculator.

You can also book an online appointment for onsite in-person car inspection, after rigorous vehicle inspection the representative of the online car selling company offer a certain amount to the car owner based on the condition of the vehicle. If both the parties agree on the offer, the company buys the car and instantly pay the car owner with cash amount for the vehicle.

With the online car selling services in Dubai, it has become easier for people to get an instant evaluation of the car by making an online appointment and the selling can be done within 30 minutes!

3. How to transfer registration to the new owner?

Once sold, the car registration needs to be transferred to the new owner. If someone sold the car using the online vehicle website, the website looks after the RTA transfers and paperwork related to the car. But in other cases, one needs to terminate the current insurance policy of the vehicle. The new buyer will have to get the car tested and then get a new insurance cover for it. Finally, submit all the required documents including registration car and driver’s license copy to complete the car registration renewal Dubai. Moreover, one can easily renew the car registration online.

Look for the online used car selling websites, to make the selling easier, quick and convenient with great price deal!

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