With the shortage of people providing copywriting services both offline and online, marketing your copywriting business is easy. His clients are desperately eager to find him.

Here is a quick process to market your copywriting services business: Set up a website to explain the copywriting services it provides, and then promote the website.

An initial trickle of clients will turn into a flood, the longer your site is online and the more promotion you do, soon you won't have to do any promotion, because you will have a stable group of clients that I work with.

Start by setting up a website.

Set up a website to explain the copywriting services it provides

Important tip: The bigger and more informative your site is, the more promotional work your site will do for you: Search engines will index your site and your customers will find it through search.

Your first step is to determine what copywriting services you will provide. Make a list. If you specialize in an area like healthcare, business, or technology, this is a huge plus: Clients love working with a copywriter who understands their industry.

Create a site page (or more, over time) for each service you provide. As mentioned above, the bigger and more comprehensive your website is, the more promotional work your site will do for you. However, over time you will accumulate the information on your site; Initially, just create your home pages, which will include a home page, a page for each service, an About page, and a privacy page.

Then buy a domain name, get site hosting, and put your site online.
Promote your website and services

Finally, promote your website and its services. Get started by creating a press release and post it online at one of the many press release distribution sites.

Then create a small ad on Craigslist, the free classified advertising site. Your ad will run for seven days; be sure to republish it every seven days. You will receive inquiries about your services immediately.

The above two promotional tracks will help you get started. You can add any other promotion you want: create a blog, write articles, buy advertising with Pay Per Click, etc.

However, remember that the promotion will continue until you have a group of satisfied customers; Calculate that you will heavily promote your site and its services for about three months.

So there you go: start marketing your copywriting services business today. His clients are waiting and eager to find him.

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