The living room is a major space in the home, a place where everyone can converge and chat and spend time together; it’s also a place where you can entertain your visitors and guests, and it’s, therefore, vital that it has the right elements. These elements would, of course, include furniture and lighting as well as decorative elements which can give the space more personality and appeal. But if you want your living room to be extra functional as well as attractive, it’s essential to choose the right chairs for it. A chair can be a definite investment, especially if you are planning to use it for a long time. But what kind of chairs should you choose for your living area? Here’s your definitive guide to selecting the best chairs for your living room.

Your living room’s size

Before you choose any kind of furniture, even living room chairs, you should take measurements of your living area. This is especially important for the actual space where you would like to place your chairs – the chairs you choose for the space should fit properly, but they should also allow anyone to walk comfortably around them.

Chairs versus the sofa

Another essential consideration you should think about is the size of the chair versus the sofa. If you have an existing sofa in your living area, measure the sofa seat's height, particularly from the floor, and measure the width of the sofa's seat as well. If the sofa has arms, take this into consideration too. When you are choosing chairs for the living area, choose those which have almost the same measurements as the sofa, so you are sure that you have the right proportions.

Smaller, more compact spaces

Accent chairs are perfect for smaller and more compact spaces, and this is why they are also referred to as occasional chairs. These chairs are smaller compared to standard, fully upholstered chairs, and their frames are often visible. They can also feature either an upholstered or non-upholstered seat or upholstered or non-upholstered backs. If you have a small living room area, you could make use of smaller accent chairs as well as a loveseat. You can even make use of an accent chair in your dining room, as you can easily pull or transport it to another area to serve as extra seating.

Complementing your sofa

Whilst you want to look for a chair that has almost the same measurements as your sofa, this doesn’t mean that it has to be the sofa’s twin. In fact, you can coordinate some elements, such as the colour, and you can also coordinate the two pieces with the same design period (vintage for vintage, for example). You can also go the completely opposite route with entirely different design periods (vintage with contemporary, as recommended by chair experts like As long as there is one complementary element, your living area could still have a cohesive look.

The room’s atmosphere or ambience

If you have a more formal living area that you only use during special occasions, you can go for chairs featuring straight backs, such as an upholstered chair with a wing-back. If your living area is on the casual side, you can look for chairs which are ideal for lounging, like a chaise longue or recliners, or those with full upholstery.

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