Chronic pain in any part of your body can get in your way of performing daily activities. As such, it is imperative to seek medical solutions promptly in case of pain. For the best Weslaco, TX pain medicine physician, contact the skillful pain specialists at Rio Grande Pain Team for superior treatment solutions.

About Rio Grande Pain Team

When you visit Rio Grande Pain Team, your practitioners, Dennis Slavin, MD, and Rosabel Gonzalez, PA, strive to fulfill one goal. They pride themselves in helping patients find lasting relief for chronic pain. With a specialized treatment targeting your pain source, you will feel better and reclaim your life.

Dr. Slavin and Mrs. Gonzalez offer solutions to patients whose chronic pain is unresponsive to conventional treatments. Being interventional pain specialists, they use diagnostic tests to identify the source of your pain. After this, they recommend your ideal interventional pain alleviation technique.

Patients who visit the Rio Grande Pain Team are both confident and comfortable knowing that their service provider will inspect their condition and work with them to ease the pain.

Dr. Slavin has over two decades of experience and is board-certified in interventional pain management, pain medicine, and anesthesiology. On the other hand, Mrs. Gonzalez is a certified physician assistant with a master’s degree in physician assistant studies from the University of Texas-Pan American in Edinburg, Texas.

Why Choose Rio Grande Pain?

It would help if you considered Rio Grande Pain Team for the following reasons;

·              Over twenty years’ experience. Thus, you can trust them for reliable services.
·              Personalized care for every patient. At their offices, you will receive tailor-made solutions to address your unique condition.
·              Cutting-edge technology- When you visit Rio Grande Pain Team, you get access to the latest evidence-based treatment solutions.

Available Services

·       Piriformis Syndrome Specialist- Piriformis syndrome causes intense, radiating pain similar to sciatica. Your pain specialist at Rio Grande Team is experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of this condition to offer you relief.

·       Back Pain Specialist- A large number of adults experience back pain over the years. Dr. Slavin of the Rio Grande Pain Team specializes in pain management and offers effective diagnosis and treatment of back pain.

·       Epidural Steroid Injection Specialist- Do you suffer constant spine-related pain? With an epidural steroid injection, your physician at Rio Grande Pain can offer you significant relief from back and neck pain to help you resume your healthy life.

·       Tennis Elbow Specialist- Tennis elbow develops when you engage in an activity that repeatedly utilizes your forearm muscle. Your capable team at Rio Grande Pain Team has a specialty in interventional pain management to identify the source of your pain and design effective solutions.

·       Interventional Pain Management Specialist- Interventional pain management focuses on relieving persistent pain that is adamant to conventional treatment. At Rio Grande Pain Team, Dr. Slavin has vast experience identifying the exact cause of your pain and the appropriate treatment plan.

·       Shoulder Pain Specialist- Your shoulder, being the most mobile joint in your body, is susceptible to degenerative injuries and diseases that may lead to intense pain. Your pain expert offers treatments that can relieve your shoulder pain where conservative treatments fail.

If you experience pain in your back, shoulder, arms, or any other part of the body, call, or book an appointment with Rio Grande Pain Team for a customized solution.

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