What is especially challenging being an EFT Practitioner is that EFT is not mainstream, and therefore not widely known or searched as yet. For example, the mainstream online business directories does not have a section for EFT Practitioner. So you need to know and sell to your market even more cleverly than, say, a Massage Therapist.

What is your EFT Practitioner personality? Is it calm? Is it feisty? Is it excited? Is it frank? Is it diplomatic? Is it caring? Is it no-nonsense?

These are just a few ideas to get you thinking. What question would you more likely answer "yes" to above? And think back to when you used EFT services, be it your EFT training courses or an EFT practitioner's sessions. What attracted you to that particular person, what was it they said or did that may have won you over? Make a note of these answers, as they are qualities that you hold important. They are also qualities that your special niche market holds important. We buy from people. In my Sales training in a previous role, we were taught that people buy primarily for emotional reasons. So you are appealing to your potential clients emotionally.

If you could observe 3 main qualities of yourself and 3 main qualities of your business in 3 qualities, what would they be? Say them out loud, decide on the main 3, and write them down.

Ask friends and clients how they would describe you using 3 qualities. And ask them they would describe your business using 3 qualities. How do these qualities match up with those that you came up with for yourself? Somewhere in-between the two viewpoints (you and others') is the real you. The real you runs your business and is the public face of your business.

How does it feel being the you that you came up with, compared to the you that others have done? What changes can you make to your marketing materials to show more of the real you?

As you think of making these changes, is there any resistance? If there is, it is tappable.

Next comes the actual work getting yourself out there for this niche market. You can make paid advertisements, for example. You can go to events where you can network. You can contact local businesses and let them know how you can help them. You can invest in marketing training and follow the advice to the letter. Or whatever is right for your personality, as long as it involves steady work to get you where you want to be.

Enjoy servicing your special niche of lucky people!

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