A recent trend in home improvement, which is gaining more and more ground annually, is the use of environmentally safe products that also make the home look great. Countertops are no exception and one popular trend in many modern homes is to use recycled glass countertops. These make counters in kitchens and bathrooms look very elegant while using environmentally Marble Countertops Tulsa friendly material. Not only that, the installation can prove to be very fast.

The recycled glass countertops are made with roughly 70% recycled glass and is still very study. The result is less production of new glass in factory and less pollution as well. In terms of installation it is simple: the company which installs it only need apply an adhesive and then stick it to the top of the old counter. This is not only beneficial since it is less pollution as a result of no need for construction, but it is also cheaper as well. It feels good to go green and save money at the same time.

The new recycled countertop will also look great in your home as well: they can make any bathroom or kitchen look wonderful. If you have a bar in your home, since the surface is nice and has an excellent luster, it will give the bar a five star look that any guest would admire. Not only that, but they aren't hard to clean: all you need is a sponge and some hot water to rub it with and it will look brand new after each cleaning.

If you plan to do some home remodeling in the future, this is an excellent option for any home owner.

For example, if you are doing a Kitchen Countertop Tile remodel, you will want to choose a material that has a hard & dense surface & is as resistant to water stains & temperatures as possible. Quartz & Granite make great environmental friendly choices, both are resistant to stains, scratching, & heat from pots & pans. Quartz tile has a smooth, polished surface that is durable & can withstand tough pressure. It is also resistant to moisture & growth of bacteria. Granite Tile is very affordable & offers a one of a kind look. It's available in hundreds of color variations with different specks & swirls throughout. It is easy to clean, kid friendly, hard to scratch, & you can cut on it. Not to mention, it is so durable it will last a lifetime.

If you are remodeling the Bathroom Countertop Tile & Shower Tile, you may want to go with an environmental friendly Pebble or Limestone. Pebble Tile creates a soothing & theatrical effect in a bathroom. The beauty of water on stone brings a touch of nature into the room. They are durable, easy to clean & offer a non slip surface. Limestone tile, being the softer of the two, is always a classic, not too expensive & available in various shapes & patterns. You can border them with Limestone mosaic strips as well. This tile can withstand the abuse of water, soap & scale build up.

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