We come to this world ill equiped to know why we are here, many, including myself saught for the most that life could bring, experinces that brought joy, love, money and fame. I had spent a lot of my life looking for the right woman, my soul mate, and having grown to old, I settled for love. But it wasnt till I experinced life changing events that i became aware of an eternal career, the way I could live my life in this world and still continue my way of doing things in the next. Previously I was a mechanic, electronics technician and computer expert. I became aware after my experiences that not many of these types of careers could be found in the next life. I turned my life towards spiritual development, trying many forms of spiritual practices, till finally I realised I was my own person now and eternally. What would I do that could bring joy to others, either through helping them learn or helping them become aware.

Author's Bio: 

Thomas Jordan was a former military and commonwealth officer, after a car accident I went bush walking alone in the mountains, till during an experince while bush walking that brought on a moment of awareness. After my recovery I took on a different view of life, I studied many forms of eastern and western philosophy and psychic development. I turned my back on this after a lot of ridicule, until i experienced another near fatal event and became concerned for the spiritual welfare of all people.