Do you dream of financial abundance? Do you wish to have a life of financial wealth free of financial worry and stress?

The majority have all had some financial difficulties at some stage in our life.

We have all experienced the feelings of having ‘more month than money’.

Well let me share with you tested and proven steps in creating financial wealth and abundance—steps that will ensure your financial security and financial freedom.

These steps have been utilized by the top financial abundance advisers to great success.

Learn and apply these proven steps.

Leave other people suffer from a dearth of financial abundance, and let them look on in envy at the financial freedom you so enjoy, and they so desire.


Debt is the primary obstacle that will limit and stop you from realizing your goals for financial abundance.

One analogy that is used by top financial advisers is this:

Debt is like fat, it is like the unwanted body fat that you wish to loose.

Thus, it is easier to gain debt rather than to loose it.

Let me show you with this example:

You wish to borrow a thousand dollars to buy some item that you think you need.

This $1,000 product is actually at least worth $1,200 in payments at least—depending on the interest rates. So you actually lose $200.

It is so much better that you save for something that you really need rather than amassing debt just to get it.


I am sure that you read about companies and even governments that have gone bankrupt because of unsound financial management.

It is critical that you make sound financial management your monthly habit.

What is recommended by financial advisers is that on every 1st day of the month. You have to consistently list and gather all your monthly bills.

Never procrastinate with this- and if you cannot afford to pay for them each and every month—then there is obviously some issues with your finances.

Deficit spending only works for governments in depression—it will not work for you!

If you defer you monthly payments—they actually cost more to pay the following month.

So in effect you are spending more to stand still!


If you are one the fortunate ones who do not have debt then start on your own savings account.

This savings account as we all know is what we save for a emergencies and unexpected events.

This is like a financial parachute. An ideal parachute is 3 times of what you earn in a month.

Now this is kept for real emergencies not shopping emergencies! Place this in an account that will give you competitive interest and stability.


It is actually quite rare for many educated people to have a regular financial budget.

This must not be the case for you.

A sound monthly budget is the right path for financial wealth and abundance.

Make a list of all your expenses and classify them. It is best that you can see in black and white what you do with your income every month.

You will probably see unnecessary and expensive expenditure.

A recommended formula is Income –Savings = Expenses.

This translates to what is left of your monthly income for your expenses and it really leaves you with savings.

You must take charge of your finances.

These are the critical steps that I advise you to follow in achieving financial abundance and financial security.

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Do you dream to have an abundance of money to be able to live the life you desire? Do you wish to be free of financial worry and stress? Follow these 4 proven but easy steps and financial abundance will soon be yours.