Imagine feeling a strong sense of financial confidence. What would this look like for you? Being financially confident means that you are, without a doubt, in control of your financial life, you know what decisions are the rights ones and you make them with clarity and definiteness, and you have total belief and trust in yourself to achieve all your financial desires.

We aren't born financially confident. Instead, we build it by learning and doing. When you meet someone who is really good at what they do, it's not because they were born with that skill or talent. It's because they have dedicated time and attention to becoming really good at it. It's the same in building financial confidence, and here are 4 ways you can begin building financial confidence in your life:

1. Create a Powerful Mind: To build financial confidence, you must first build your mind. Fill your mind with positive and healthy thoughts about your abilities. Say out loud every day--morning and night: "I am the leader of my financial life, and I have what it takes to be financially successful." Notice how you feel when you say this. Your subconscious mind must believe this in order to begin making positive changes in your financial life. I also recommend you read "The Energy of Money" by Maria Nemeth, Ph.D. to help you in building a powerful financial mind.

2. Say Hello and Goodbye to Fear: Fear keeps people stuck. Some financial fears show up as not feeling worthy of money, fear of not having enough, or fear of being rejected by friends because you want to make big changes in your financial life, which might mean saying no to spending time with them out to dinner or other outings. Staying right where you are in your financial life and continuing to do the same things because of your fear, will keep you from reaching any of your financial goals and desires. You'll be stuck in an unhappy place. The next time you know fear has come to visit you, recognize that it's there and take forward action toward what you desire. Taking action helps to dissipate the fear and to build financial confidence!

3. Look at Yourself as Perfect Already: Everyone has his/her own definition of perfect. Did you know that being perfect is already who you are? This doesn't mean that you settle for what's happening in your life right now without any personal growth. It just means accepting oneself as you are right now and then changing what you want to make better in your life. Remember this, being financially successful and building financial confidence has nothing to do with being perfect.

4. Learn and Apply What You Learn: Building financial confidence comes from educating yourself on how to do something and then doing it. The key word here is "doing." When you put into action what you know, you will begin to build financial confidence. You can spend a lifetime learning, but if you never apply that knowledge, there is no way for you to build your financial confidence. Knowledge is
power only when it's applied!

I hope you'll build financial confidence this year. When you do, you'll feel empowered! Remember -- building financial confidence means creating a powerful mind, saying hello and goodbye to fear, looking at yourself as perfect already, and learning and applying what you learn. Go for it!

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