So, she just told you that she wants a break. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably confused. What exactly does it mean to take a break in a relationship? And more importantly, does this mean that your relationship is doomed to end in break up? Here I’ll share more about this often confusing subject and what you can do to save your relationship.

What Is a “Break” Anyway?

Well, you’re a guy, so this shouldn’t be too difficult for you. Guys usually take things at face value, and most of the time that is exactly how you should take this. Simply put, she just wants some space away from the relationship.

For whatever reason, she just feels like she needs some space away to think things over.

On the other hand, some women will use this “taking a break” tactic as an easy way of getting out of the relationship without hurting your feelings too bad. But don’t worry about this now. Just take it at face value. She just needs some space.

Does This Mean We’re Heading Toward a Break Up?

For most people, it probably does. But that is mostly because of how they react when they hear this news.

Most guys will realize that there is a problem in their relationship when their girlfriend wants to take a break. At this point they try to “fix” things and pull their girlfriend back closer to them.

Unfortunately, this isn’t what she wants. Remember, she wants a “break” or she wants “space.” By pulling her closer, you’re not respecting her wish for a little breathing room.

This only pushes her further away from you and in the end, she’ll just break up with you because she just can’t take it anymore.

What to Do About It

What you need to do is just give her space. Respect her wishes and back off for a bit. This is going to be difficult since I know you probably want to fix your relationship, but trust me on this.

By giving her some space, your girlfriend will understand that you respect her wishes and it will also give her the chance to miss you. Without you there for her, she will realize just how important you are in her life. In the end, taking a break may actually strengthen your relationship by allowing both of you to stop taking each other for granted.

However, if you’re like most guys, you’ll probably naturally want to try to “fix” the problem, which isn’t going to help. Instead focus on reevaluating the relationship yourself. Take the time to do things for yourself and briefly revisit single life.

Over time, it can be easy to fall into the habit of doing things as a couple. This time is great to reconnect with yourself, friends, and hobbies that may have slipped as your relationship developed.

Try not to think of taking a break as a punishment for doing something wrong. All it is, is a simple reevaluation of life and values for both you and your girlfriend. Don’t jump to conclusions and assume the worst. Instead, use it as a growing opportunity to look at your life and ask yourself if you’re happy and figure out what you can do to take yourself in a positive direction.

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