Want to bring some change in your daily smoking routine? Wish to satisfy your sweet tooth a bit or try something that you have not tried so far? Smoking the flavoured rolling papers can undoubtedly bring in the change in your mouth you are looking for.

The main trick is to differentiate between the naturally flavoured rolling papers and the chemical-based ones. When you are searching for flavoured rolling papers, that should be natural or organic. Otherwise, it will bring in more harm to your health.

Here’s the guide you need to follow when it is about choosing the flavoured tobacco rolling paper for cigarettes. But, before that, get to know more about the flavoured rolling papers.

Flavoured Rolling Papers - What are These?

If you go by the general definition, you can see that the rolling papers infused with rich, fruity flavour are the flavoured rolling papers. The weed or tobacco you will wrap inside the flavoured rolling paper is going to complement the flavour of the rolling papers even more.

The best part of smoking the flavoured rolling papers is it does not only excite your taste buds, but at the same time, the flavour lingers in your lips for a long time after you are done with your smoke.

What do the Flavoured Rolling Papers Made of?

The natural flavoured rolling papers you are going to get in the market are free from any chemical element in it. Just like the usual rolling papers, the hemp-based ones are the most popular one indeed.

While the hemp rolling papers are made of natural sugar glue, there are other natural ingredients which are also being used for the flavoured rolling papers. Flax and rice are undoubtedly the most popular choices you should bank on.

What are the Most Popular Flavours?

Now, as you have got the idea of what customized flavoured rolling papers really are, you can now move forward a step and check out the most popular choices among the flavours that you can choose from.

There are fruity flavours such as banana, apple, blueberry, cherry, blackberry, grape, mango, coconut, orange, peach, raspberry, strawberry and many more. Even mint is also one of the favourites among the choices of rolling papers.

But, if you have already tried the fruity flavours and now wish to try something a bit more different, there are suitable options for that too. Birthday cake flavour, marshmallow, bubblegum and even root beer are some of the favourites.

Want to try some alcohol inspired variety too? Try the Jamaican rum flavour or Blackberry Brandy or Tequila to satisfy your taste buds. And, you can even go beyond the popular choices and try something entirely different too. Check out the flavours of Maple syrup or Licorice. These flavours are going to leave you in surprise.


Flavoured rolling papers are always a bit tricky choice as these are unusual. Therefore, you should always ask for sample kits from the company you are relying on. Enjoy the mouthful of the flavour of the popular choices that are there and then order for the one which you have liked so far. It will save a lot of your money and time.

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