Do you want to extend your property?

If you do, you might benefit from a garden room. If you don’t have the space to add an extension, but you do have a garden, you can use that instead.

The garden room has a lot of benefits to it. Among other things, they’re good for adding value to a property while increasing the amount of space you have available.

Let’s explore what a garden room is, what materials can be used to make one, and some of the benefits it can offer.

What is Garden Room?

The garden room is a popular alternative to a typical extension. Sometimes, it’s not possible to get planning permission to extend your home. If you don’t have permission for an extension, or you simply lack the available space, a garden room is a good choice.

The garden room is your extension, but it is located in the garden. It is not connected to the property, but it is a fully functional, professionally made room in your garden.

What Materials Are Used in a Garden Room?

A lot of different materials go into the construction and installation of a garden room.

Usually, the room is made of weatherproof wood. These could be panels or larger single pieces. They are then reinforced with cladding and thermal materials to trap heat during the winter.

ThermoWood, UPVC, sectional insulated panels, and composite panels are often used. A lot of companies are also experimenting with timber.

The Benefits of a Garden Room

There are many benefits to using a garden room. Chiefly among these are the extra value that it can add to a property and the extra space it provides.

A lot of people find that a garden room is a much less expensive investment. The amount of money that you have to spend on materials is less, but you get the same space for a reduced cost.

It is also worth noting that there is a broad selection of different designs that can be considered when it comes to a garden room. You have quite a lot of choice in terms of layout and overall design flexibility.

Despite what people may think about the garden room, it can be used throughout the year. Because the materials are flexible and quite strong, all it would take is a heating solution and you could use the room even in the harshest of winter conditions.

A Great Choice

In conclusion, the garden room is an excellent choice. It provides people with a relatively inexpensive and incredibly versatile extension for their property.

If the traditional extension is not suitable for your situation, it can be quite challenging to find an alternative. The garden room is rapidly growing in popularity because it is a very sophisticated and reliable choice.

If you do have a garden, and you are looking to experiment with extension options, this might be worth looking into. It is definitely a very popular alternative and has proven to be useful for many people.

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Pooja Khanna is a Training Manager at Sedate Technologies and enjoys working with a variety of entrepreneurs and small businesses all over the world.