It is very important to acquire a good quality bed that you will sleep on for many years, each and every single day. There is evidence that suggests that there is a direct correlation between the number of hours that you sleep on your bed and your general health. People that get more hours of sleep on their beds each and every single day tend to be healthier than people who get less than the recommended amount of daily sleep on their beds. This article shall explain why it is important to get a good comfortable bed and to sleep on it for at least a third of your day for the sake of your good health.

We have come very far from the days of long ago when an average ancient man’s bed was made up of neatly arranged hay and grass. These days our mattresses range from ordinary spring mattresses to ultra-luxurious ones that recline and have adjustable temperature control which allows you to set the warmth to your exact preference. Whether you go for a fancy mattress or an ordinary one, you should keep in mind that you or your loved one will be spending a lot of time on your new bed. Doctors and health experts all over the planet agree that a human being should sleep for a minimum of six to eight hours a day. That means that a third of our day may be spent on our beds sleeping. It is therefore important to select a bed that will last and carry you comfortably for many years to come. Doctors and health professionals also agree that when a person goes beyond twenty four hours without sleeping, they are comparable to person who has consumed a large quantity of alcohol. They are bound to make a lot of avoidable mistakes and find themselves in equally avoidable accidents. Whereas a well-rested mind is behind all the technologies of the modern age

Gone are the days when the strong and diligent where characterized by staying up late and waking up early. We now understand that sleeping carries out essential functions that keep us healthy. When humans sleep we look like we are completely ‘off’ yet our minds are surprisingly active. Our conscious mind may be completely down, however, our other mind known as our subconscious mind is a giant that never sleeps. This part of our mind continues to organize and store memories. It creates new brain nerve connections and reaffirms others. It makes sense and organizes all the information that we have gathered during the day. It ensures that the conscious mind is able to function with more clarity and intelligence once it is awakens. That is why when an individual goes a long time without sleep they become increasingly confused and incoherent.

In conclusion, it is important to buy a quality bed and sleep on it every single day. It is true that a better you begins with better sleep at night. A quality bed is the perfect partner that will carry you in comfort as we rest therefore allowing our intelligent minds to rejuvenate.

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