I’m sure at some point you’ve experience that burning sensation after a meal. It’s uncomfortable and also a nuisance, but you pop an antacid and that burning feeling fades away.

You may never have been too concerned about it before, maybe you just enjoyed food that was too spicy or acidic, but such indigestion could be a major sign of something you really don’t want to have: Stomach and esophageal cancer. As with any cancer, early detection is key.

Don’t just take an antacid and shrug it off

In the U.K., the Public Health England (PHE) has launched a campaign to alert people to heartburn as a possible warning sign of cancer – forgo the stiff upper lip approach to pain and see your doctor. PHE says stomach and esophageal cancer are the fifth most common cancers in the U.K., with nearly 13,000 people diagnosed every year. And roughly 10,000 people die from the same during the same period.
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