Why all the cribbing and crying around our in-capabilities to capture Law of Attraction(LOA) when all of us actually have been blessed with something incredible internally, inside us that can blow away all the roadblocks and barriers between you and your desires. This hidden weapon is your Sub-Conscious Mind (SCM). In this article I am going to discuss what exactly Sub-Conscious Mind is and how it works and how it can helps us capture LOA and make it always work positively for us.

So what exactly is Subconscious Mind? In fact human mind is divided into two parts: Conscious Mind (CM) and Sub-Conscious Mind (SCM). The CM and SCM are like iceberg. There is a part of an iceberg above the water level which is visible and known, which represents our conscious mind and there is a part below the water level which is hidden and unknown, which represents our subconscious mind. Another good example that can describe CM and SCM is that they are like our computer’s temporary memory i.e. RAM (Random Access Memory) and fixed memory like Hard Disk respectively. For e.g. suppose you are creating a word document in your computer. You create a fresh new word document. This new word document is stored in the temporary memory – RAM. After you type in and fill contents in this word document you save it. After saving, the word document gets stored in the fixed memory – hard disk. In the similar way our everyday, day-to-day activities and experiences get stored in the conscious mind till they are fresh. Over the time they get recorded in the subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind learns from our day-to-day experiences and this makes it our repository, our knowledge base. The contents of our subconscious mind which is all our experiences over the time forms our basic attitude and our basic characteristics that form our certain beliefs and understanding about everything in the world around us.
So how can our subconscious mind help us in achieving our dream life? Our Subconscious mind is our medium to create reality. LOA states that - “Anything or any idea or any thought you put in your MIND and truly, genuinely believe in it, have a strong passion and burning desire for it then the whole universe and universal power/energy around us will work towards actualizing the idea and will create events, circumstances and situations that will help in the actualization of the idea or thought.”

The ‘MIND’ that is referred to in the above statement is the Sub-Conscious Mind. So how our subconscious mind helps us in achieving our goals, dreams, desires no matter how impossible they seem to be? For that we need to constantly feed our subconscious mind with positive thoughts about our goals, dreams, desires, and wishes. Hence one goal at a time is advisable, because too many goals at a time will create a chaos and there will be no Focus. How to feed thoughts to our subconscious mind? For that we just need to constantly think positive thoughts about achieving our dreams, desires, and goals. When we think these thoughts, these thoughts reside in our conscious mind, and if we constantly keep thinking these thoughts, they become habit and get transferred to our subconscious mind. Depending on how much positively and with how much strong belief, excitement and happiness we think thoughts of our desires, goal, wishes, the subconscious mind works with equal amount of energy, vigour, force and power towards actualizing it by attracting similar energies and frequencies matching the thoughts and creating a conducive environment that bring about events and circumstances that help in actualization or creation of the thing in the thoughts.

So this was all about how our subconscious mind helps us in achieving our dreams. But there is still one BIG missing piece of this puzzle. And that piece is how we communicate with our subconscious mind. For e.g. if your goal is to increase your monthly income to $10,000, what can you do to actualize this goal?

Now, if this is your goal, then the first and foremost action you should be taking is to start thinking positively about this goal. You should start thinking positively about how you are going to achieve this goal, you should excitedly think about the action plan to achieve this goal. Whether you have any clue about the actions or not, you should further start thinking how happy you would be if you achieve your goals (this is one of the most important thought, this is like actually getting the feel of your expected future i.e. goal achievement). Gradually further you should try and get thoughts and feeling of happiness for achieving your goals whether you have actually yet achieved your goal or not. This is important for the positivity and the positive energy which is critical in attracting our dreams, desires, wishes, goals in our life. For e.g. you should start thinking how it would be if you actually start earning $10,000 of income per month, what you could do with it for yourself, your family and loved ones, for others and the society around. Similarly you can go on and on and you can add your own creativity about thinking thoughts about your goal. Remember this process of thinking thoughts is not a replacement of taking actions steps but a parallel activity that is equally important as taking actions. This process of thinking positive thoughts about your goals as discussed above can really create magic in your journey towards your goal/s. The positive energy that this thinking process generates is the Supreme Universal Energy that can do wonders in your life and in your journey towards your goal/s by making things happen like - providing you knowledge about what actions you need to take through circumstances and co-incidences, providing you help and making it very easy for you to take actions through various circumstances, events and co-incidences, it makes everything easy as if your dreams, wishes, desire, goals are being granted to you.

So this was all about how you can communicate with your subconscious mind, however the BIG piece of puzzle is still missing. What if I tell you that all the communication that we discussed above is all fine but the LANGUAGE that you communicate with your subconscious mind is NOT correct. This is not the LANGUAGE that the subconscious mind understands. I am sure you must be intrigued by what language I am talking about, never heard of any language for the subconscious mind. We think thoughts in the language that we normally speak. Though subconscious mind is our part it doesn’t understands this language. Thinking thoughts in our language and communicating with subconscious mind would be like talking in English to a Frenchman who understands only French. This wrong LANGUAGE of communication is the main reason why people fail to activate the power of their subconscious mind. So what is the language that our subconscious mind understands?

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