Some people want to reconnect with and cultivate a palpable relationship with their higher self. Your meditation practice should help you with this goal, but some meditations are more effective at this than others. If your relationship with your higher self isn't where you want it to be and you'd like to know what kind of meditations are most effective for accessing your higher self (and your inner guidance), please read on...

Let's begin with the basics first. To access your higher self, it's not how you sit or how you breathe that's important. And it's not whether you have the right mantra. What's important is whether your meditation connects you to that "higher self" aspect of you as directly as possible and whether you integrate that part of you into your life through your daily actions.

I will explain what I mean by "as directly as possible," first in general terms. I have found that for best results in any endeavor--doesn't matter whether it's cake baking or engineering or fixing cars--it helps to assess the situation as accurately as possible. What I mean is that you will get better results when you are right on target with your understanding of the situation, rather than just being in the ball park. This would also hold true for meditation.

I recently heard of a meditation for accessing the higher self that I knew wouldn't be all that helpful. It goes like this: You are to imagine that your higher self is standing (or sitting) in front of you and you are connecting to it through your open palms that are out in front of you. You imagine your higher self mirroring you, palms touching, while affirming that your new "best friend" will give you the highest of guidance. You are asked to "breathe through your hands."

The problem I see with this meditation is that your higher self is not outside of you, and it never was. I will explain why it's important that the meditation you choose reflect reality as accurately as possible. The following are 3 points I discovered when I was seeking a meditation that would reconnect me to my higher self as quickly and as effectively as possible:

1. About 10 years ago, the Counsel of Light gave me a meditation that they described as a "shot in the arm" for connecting with your higher self. In this meditation, they asked me to place my left hand on my heart and my right hand on my "soul seed"--which is in the center of the body between the rib cage. They said that the heart in my meditation represented my current life and the soul seed represented my higher self (my infinite life). During the meditation they had me imagine that I was running a figure 8 (the infinity sign) around my hands so that what appeared to be happening is that my current life was integrating with my higher self right under my hands.

2. After I got into this meditation practice, I noticed that this area of my body would get warm and tingly just before I'd be given important guidance. I would get this warm, intense glow in the center of my chest close to my heart (where the Counsel of Light said my "soul seed" was) even when I wasn't paying any particular attention to this area. I could be driving my car, for example, on some mundane errand, when all of a sudden I would experience this intense warming up at the center of my chest. I would feel this warm, peaceful, happy glow in my center even when my life was in chaos and I was feeling scared, sad, and disconnected. Then not long afterwards, I noticed that I would get a new insight, or some sort of inner guidance--guidance that actually helped me resolve specific problems in my life at the time. Having this warm feeling helped me at a time when I wasn't yet confident in my ability to correctly distinguish my true inner guidance from my mental conditionings or imaginations. It also helped me to recognize which inner guidance was important for me to follow. And... if your higher self gives you guidance it deems important for you to follow (so that you can fulfill your higher purpose), wouldn't it make sense that you'd be given a sign you couldn't ignore?

3. Placing your hands on your body as described above while lying down actually helps to calm you, to reconnect you to your true self. (Try it for a while and see.) This kind of meditation also affirms that your power is within you, not outside of you, and that the source of your power is your direct connection to Source (to God). I believe this direct connection to Source will be extremely important and useful to you in the near future.

There is no doubt in my mind that reconnecting to and integrating with your higher self is the source of your spiritual awakening. It's what this "Great Shift in consciousness" is all about. Just make sure you use a meditation that connects you to your higher self as directly and as effectively as possible.

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