Your Husband Is Emotionally Unavailable: How To Live With An Emotionally Distant Husband - How To Get Him To Open Up Emotionally

If your husband is emotionally unavailable, and you love him, it puts you in a very difficult spot. Holding a marriage together is hard enough. Trying to ensure it flourishes and grows is even more challenging. If your partner is no longer feeling connected to you emotionally, you need to take action. Any woman who is in this position and wants to save her relationship can do so. You actually have much more influence than you might realize when it comes to getting your husband to feel close to you again.

If your husband is emotionally unavailable the first thing you absolutely must do is determine if there is any unresolved conflict within the relationship. A man will often pull away from his wife if they are facing a struggle that they can't seem to find a resolution to. This may fall under the category of dealing with the children or balancing the budget. The bottom line is that the subject you are arguing about is now affecting the foundation of your relationship. If a man feels that his wife doesn't understand him or that his opinion doesn't matter, he'll create distance between himself and her. This is where compromise comes into play. Consider what is pulling you two apart and what you can do to bring the conflict to an end. You may have to compromise on your position, but once you realize your marriage is at stake, the decision to give in is a lot easier to make.

You must also give your husband the time and space he needs if he's become distant with you. The most common mistake that women make when their husband is emotionally unavailable is they crowd him more. They constantly badger him to talk. If you do this it typically backfires and he'll pull back even further because he feels that you just aren't respecting his needs. Even if he wants to separate for a time, allow him that. It will obviously feel like your relationship is ending, but that isn't necessarily the case. Often, when a man has some time alone he comes to the realization that he misses his wife and needs her. Some time apart may be what you need to draw your husband back to you.

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Prior to a couple getting married there is excitement in the air. Decisions have to be made, things are fun, engagement and bachelor parties, then comes the big day. Suddenly, you are both the center of attention with a reception party and then a honeymoon. Then, you settle down and the months start rolling by. Remember the first quarrel and how shocked you were that someone you loved could talk to you that way? It made you angry and you probably said something back that was not very nice. You kissed, made up and then went on till the next quarrel or dispute and, eventually, the relationship is actually in danger of being gone. Following is some save marriage advice that may help.

Tip 1. Keep your cool and listen to your spouse. Why does he or she get upset? Try to pin down exactly why they are angry. Is it because the house is a mess and you really want to hang onto your relationship? Then clean it up. It only takes a few minutes if it is done every day. Is it because you stop for a beer with the guys? You need to have an agreement that it is alright to do this one night a week and stick to it.

Tip 2. How long has it been since you did something above and beyond the everyday norm for your spouse? It doesn't have to be extravagant or costly, little things like baking a special cake or cooking a favorite meal for the husband or bringing home a card or single rose for the wife.

Tip 3. Make it a hard and fast rule to never go to bed angry with each other. This will keep stewing around in your brain even after you are asleep and you will have a bad taste in your mouth in the morning. Make a pact that you will hug each night, say "I love you", and exchange a kiss before going to bed. Getting good relationship advice will tell you this is a real plus in a relationship.

Tip 4. If your spouse is in an angry mood find out why. Perhaps the boss at work gave them a hard time, perhaps there are some overdue bills. Whatever the reason, it only makes things worse to take it out on the other party just because they are there.

Tip 5. The last of the save marriage advice tips is to put on neat clothes (throw out the old ragged ones) and start dating again as if you are not married. Dress up and have a regular day to go out and have fun and, above all, kiss and hug each other every time the opportunity arises.

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It's often a sad time when you start doing Google searches like "how to make my husband want me again." When I was struggling with my husband a few months ago, one of the first things I did was keyword searches like this, because I didn't know where else to turn. I truly feel for you if you're in this exact situation right now.

I had such a tough time trying to get positive, emotional responses from my husband. Heck, sometimes any emotional response would do--though I would regret doing things that caused my husband to start yelling at me. The saddest times were when I started to have doubts that he loved me, even deep down beneath his rough exterior. He's never been one to show his emotions all the time. But I used to often feel wanted... and this feeling seemed like it was disappearing.

I'm very fortunate, because my research helped me get started on getting my husband back. I learned that I a key element was to figure out core issues that were ruining our relationship. Core issues can vary from couple to couple. But they are always problems that crop up over and over again within a couple.

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For instance, some of the core issues I had with my husband included the following:

* me always getting angry and yelling at him for making a mess around the house

* me assuming that he would do something for me, even though I never got a clear direct answer from him (and vice versa)

* me complaining about his friends for various things, like being vulgar and rude (and vice versa)

As I came up with them, I realized that whatever the issue was, there was a clear lack of communication and/or listening. When I get angry about him leaving clothes all over the place, I know he heard me, because I'd sometimes yell at the top of my lungs. But now I can sympathize that we was not listening, because I was never in a state of mind to speak to him in a rational, calm way.

As for the other two core issues, it was important for me to realize that there was something deeper below the surface--a deep-seated need that wasn't being met for either of us. It was up to me to basically say "Wait a minute. We've been having all these arguments over and over. Please, let's talk this through." And this is where we finally get to real communication and listening.

Sometimes core issues don't require much talk, if any. Sometimes they are more complicated. But you always need to ask the question "why" to yourself first, and then you can decide if you need to have serious conversations with your husband.

I feel very lucky, because in my own situation I learned that my husband never stopped loving me. But our core issues could have kept going for years if I wasn't the one to act! This just proves how important it is to identify the core issues in your relationship to get him to want you again.

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Have you had time to look at your relationship? Taking time out to study ways of having a healthy relationship can actually go a long way. There are different things you can do to return the spark back to your relationship, However, all successful relationship have certain things in common.


Respect is very important if you want a happy relationship. It does not matter if you're dating or in a marriage, if there is no respect, the relationship will crumble like a pack of cards. A partner who respects your opinions and is willing to listen to you and not criticize you is what you need in for a relationship to be healthy.

Any partner who disrespects you by making hurtful comments and criticizes you in front of other people, does not value your feelings or the relationship.

Be Supportive

Support is also something you must consider if you want to have a healthy relationship. You and your partner must encourage each other through challenges. Both of you must agree and go after certain goals and aspirations. If there is no support, it seems that you are running against a tidal wave.

When you get the support of your partner, you have the strength and encouragement to forge ahead irrespective of what lies in your path.

Trust is Key

For a relationship to survive, you need trust.. If you are suspicious of your partner's every move, your relationship is far from healthy. Trust does not develop over night, it is built over a period of time.

It comes from partners making promises and keeping them. It comes from commitment and setting boundaries about your relationship and sticking to them. When you make promises that you don't keep or have a careless attitude towards committing yourself to your relationship, trust becomes a major issue.

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No Bullying

Talking things over is one thing, issuing ultimatums and threats is another. You are in a relationship and not in the army. So avoid strong arm tactics to get your way. Never force your partner to do certain things or you will be responsible for the consequences later.

Any differences you have must be laid out with nothing to hide. If every disagreement is threatened with divorce, no sex or no more money, your relationship is not safe.

Negotiating is one thing, using threats, guilt, and lies to manipulate a partner into doing something is another. No one should have to put up with being bullied this way. If your partner threatens to leave you, withhold physical affection, or in some other way "punish" you during every little disagreement, you may want to reconsider the relationship.

Be Independent

Many people get into relationships for what they can get out of it. And not what they can bring into it. You might not be able to support yourself and turn to a wealthy person for a relationship.

What happens when the relationship hits the rocks? You might not be able to leave the relationship because you have no money. That leaves you with no choice and stuck unhappily in a relationship.

It is even worse when your partner knows you are not independent and uses it to control you and make your life a living hell. Never enter a relationship for material gain. Regret is always an end result.

There are many characteristics of a healthy relationship, but these are some important ones. Remember, though, it's a two way street. You may be doing everything correctly but if your partner is disrespectful or dishonest you can't call it a healthy relationship.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

You don't have to worry about whether your spouse is on the brink of asking you for a divorce. You can control the situation and use specific techniques to naturally make them fall hopelessly in love with you.

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