The Inner Child’s greatest desire is security through acceptance & approval.

Find out how to heal your childhood wounds with visualization affirmations & essential oils.

Your soul’s journey starts as The Child. Innocent and with no worldly experience your greatest desire is acceptance and approval.

The attributes of Leo (zodiac sign) perfectly describes your Inner Child state of trust and innocence.

You have Leo somewhere in your astrology chart. Your astrology chart is a map of your soul’s archetypal journey.

How your Leo is aspected in your natal chart can reveal the ease or challenges facing your Inner Child, as well as how best to resolve and heal any issues encountered.

Your inner Leo is your ability to act in the world and get your audience’s approval and acceptance.

Children are open-hearted, trusting, enthusiastic, courageous and loyal. All positive attributes of Leo.

When your Inner Child doesn’t get the consistent healthy mirroring of acceptance and approval to feel secure in the world the shadow aspects of your Inner Child begin to develop.

One of the shadow sides of Leo is co-dependence. Leo’s can become totally dependent on others for their sense of value in the world.

Do you have any of these shadow ways of getting your Inner Child needs met for security, acceptance and approval?

Excessive risk taking
Blind acceptance
People pleasing

Healing the Inner Child Shadow:

Perfect Childhood Visualization: Imagine yourself experiencing the perfect childhood. The one you always wanted. You receive unconditional love and adoration from your caretakers. You are held, kissed and cuddled frequently and told that you are special.

Allow yourself to feel completely secure, loved and appreciated. All of your needs are perfectly met and you receive the quality of attention and approval you always longed for.

Give yourself the gift of the perfect childhood experience NOW! Your subconscious mind will not know the difference.

To enhance implantation of images into your subconscious mind see your images showered with glitter (like falling rain) this will help to program them into your DNA. Additionally picturing your images in black and white has the most potent affect for re-programming your subconscious mind.

Repeat this exercise as often as needed to help retrain your subconscious mind to believe you have always been loved and supported. You feel secure and a deep sense of belonging every time after completing this exercise.

Affirmations to Heal Your Inner Child:

I have always been loved and supported
I have always been appreciated and admired
I have always felt secure
I have always felt a deep sense of belonging

Essential Oils to Use: Helichrysum, Sweet Orange, Tangerine, Red Mandarin, Melissa, Neroli, Rose. (May use in conjunction with your affirmations to amplify your results).

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