Your inner guidance is one of the most powerful, natural and intrinsic tools that you can use.

Our inner guidance is our internal compass or GPS which effectively guides and direct us through life.

It is sad to say that in our advanced society—countless millions fail to use the inner guidance systems to their best advantage so that they can live a life that they want.


We all have, at one time in our life or maybe even in several stages of our life, felt lost or maybe confused.

You need to search for directions—it is an instinctive action.

Inside you, you somehow feel that the right guidance, the right answers are out there but all you need to do is to seek them.

You need to know the right direction — the right path.

I agree that it helpful to look for other opinions and to look for the advice from other people.

You want to know the truth from other people—but is it always best that you get the truth from others?

The most effective way to seek the real truth is to seek the answers in yourself.

You have to choose the option to look at your inner wisdom, your inner intuition.

You have gift – you have the intrinsic ability to find the answers that you seek.

Others may give us perspectives on now to find the answers that you are searching for—but all of these are just their own—not yours.

One advantage that I can see and you should too—is that the inner voice your inner advice is never pushy or overbearing.

You give it control and the power is from you.

Now I am sure the question that runs in your mind is now… How can I avail of this power?

How can I harness the power of inner guidance?

Do I have to buy something to get this amazing natural ability?

No you don’t!

Just follow these suggestions on how to tap in the power of your inner wisdom—it’s easy!


Just look around you; you can see and feel all the trappings of the 21st century.

All of these are your distractions—they limit you from tapping into the power of your inner guidance.

You have to make time and a small quiet place for contemplative meditation.

Noise and distractions limit your inner power.

A simple place in your house– a spot in your garden—a quiet corner in the office.

Make sure that you give an aura of nature—place some plants, some flowers around you.

Scented candles help too! Or even a soothing painting or a sculpture.

I have found that nature music or oceans sounds help a lot!

Whatever you use, and wherever you do it, what is important is that your mediation area will place you in a calm and peaceful state.


I realized, at first that this is a bit difficult, especially since I was not really much into self-contemplation and examination.

You will not get the knack of it first but trust me – it is pretty effective.

How did I do this? It was simple.

I focused on nothing—that’s right – nothing!

Just look with your inner eye—visualize that you are looking at that silence inside of you.

I just sat in my special meditative place, closed my eyes and breathed regularly.

At first some errant or random ideas just came popping into my head.

But the more I did it the better I became of just gently pushing these aside and focusing at the silence within me.


When you are in a quandary or a dilemma you are struggling with, this will be a good opportunity to focus your thoughts on it.

Try not to pass judgment, or draw any conclusions from the situation.

Mediate on the issue and practice accepting what is happening at this moment.

Also ask yourself the question: “What would be the best thing for me to do at this time?”

Sift through the possibilities and analyze how each one of them makes you feel.

Using this proven process will help you identify something’s that just make you feel right or make you feel wrong.

These something’s that makes it feel either right or wrong is your inner wisdom talking to you.


It’s important to remember that you may not receive any insights immediately, but this does not mean you’re doing something wrong.

The solution will materialize it’s just you may have to let go for the time being.

By following this process however, you’ve already triggered your inner guidance system and asked for help and assistance.

Just be calm and content and the answers eventually came.

Believe, me it does not take a long time and you will be surprised at some of the results and the solutions your inner wisdom presents to you.

Some answers come in the form of a Eureka moment!

While others will come in the form of an inner gut feeling, where the course of action you need to take will feel just right.


Once you finally decide what you need to do, act it out with confidence.

Don’t let your worries or fears inhibit you or hold you back.

Believe in yourself and have courage to follow your inner wisdom.

Your inner wisdom knows better than anyone, and more often than not will lead you to the outcome you’re looking for from any given situation

You must strive to be the master of your fate. You must not be too dependent on the wisdom of others.

You and all of us have the innate ability to know what is best.

The quest for knowledge is the quest for the truth and power – the ability is inside of you. That ability is your inner guidance.

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Your inner guidance is a powerful tool that you can use to achieve a much happier and more fulfilling life. When used properly it can provide you with all life's answers. Discover ways to tap into this inate skill that will transform your life and lead you to your dreams.