Your Journal To Spiritual Awakening

The Journaling Journey is about Reflective Writing. This process accesses self-knowledge from the depth of your being and captures the sense of who you are.

The healthy relationship you long to have with your self evolves from your immutable essence that transcends both time and space. It is this space and energy within you that moves you through time. It captures your psycho-spiritual body to lead it as it naturally feels inspired. It reveals to you the gifts you hold within.

The beauty of self-inquiry with Journal writing is that this process allows whatever information is necessary to come through you.

Recognizing the Compassionate, Comprehensive, Clarifying, Captivating, Conscientious, and Consoling attributes of Reflective Writing is certainly a great way to begin! This process will surely illuminate your core essence so that your Sparkling Soul can shine in all its brightness.

Of course the process will look quite different for various individuals, as we all have our own set of experiences, beliefs and personal attributes that create our unique way of being in the world. Nevertheless, there is a myriad of benefits from practicing this process that includes self-growth, brainstorming for problem solving and increased levels of creativity. It is entirely up to you with how you use this tool!

Give yourself the opportunity to explore and journal your thoughts to see what unfolds. Your thoughts are part of your energy system that provide the opportunity to challenge you onward toward the next level of growth. Once you’re willing to accept that challenge, you’ll discover ways to channel your energy in positive momentum to create from within this space. Creativity is infinite in potential and manifestation. Creativity is a form of spontaneity that emerges from source energy.

Your journal is an excellent way for you to track your emotional shifts so that once you’re able to find a method to the madness, you can create more consciously. There is emotionality behind creativity. Let’s not forget this. Emotionality is a driving force that speeds the energy along for creation. Creative tension is an aspect of emotionality that can occur during writer’s block or other artistic endeavors. The creative sequence of emotions can be expressed during journaling as a way to identify and resolve such blocks. The less preoccupied you become with what appears to feel like a block, the easier it is to eventually overcome. As we know that the art of journaling is a form of writing in itself it is also a motivator and clarifier for other writing as well.

There is no reason that your journal should remain blank. Whatever you may be doing, or feeling at the moment can be a useful springboard into other captivating ideas. When you give yourself the opportunity to brainstorm without consensus, you give yourself artistic license to create anew. Doing this allows you to tap into your intuitive right brain that complements your rational left -brain. Neuro-scientific studies support advantages of integrating both sides of the brain as not just additive but as exponential possibilities. We know that humans use only a very small percentage of the brain, therefore we must find a way to use more!

Journaling can be both fun and enriching, as there are no rules for how you decide to journal. You can choose to keep what you write and allow those ideas to incubate over time. When you re-read what you’ve written with fresh eyes on another day, you may find the seeds to future insights.

The whole concept behind a Dream Journals is that they’re valuable for uncovering symbolic sources of self-knowledge. As you figure out how you want to journal your journey, Spiritual Awakening becomes a daily deed.

The ideas you glean from brainstorming along with personal reflections from your dream journal are sure to inspire your Sparkling Soul. Only you can give that to yourself!

Author's Bio: 

Moreen is a published author, licensed NJ (MSW) Social Worker and Certified Life Purpose Coach who specializes in transitions and spiritual growth. Additionally, she is certified by The Wellness Institute as a Heart Centered Hypnotherapist (CHT) and holds certifications in various fields that include Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Master Levell II), Reiki level II Energy Work, Family Systems Training and Parent Education. She herself is a parent to two grown daughters.

She brings a unique inspiration and authentic presence into her Soul -to -Soul practice. She has been dedicating her time to psycho-spiritual endeavors for practically her whole life.

Published work:
Author: Chapter 23 “Self Trust, Self Care, Self Signature” in ‘The Confident Woman: tapping into your Inner Power, Professional Woman Publishing 2013

Scheduled for press release January 2014 “Rebalance Your Reality” in ‘The Female Leader, Professional Woman Publishing 2014.

Scheduled for press release June 2014 “Inner Wisdom” in Baby Boomers: Secrets for Life After 50! Professional Woman Publishing Website, published Metaphysical articles on Self Awareness, Self Realization, Energy Healing and more.

Co-author of book entitled ‘Your Heart’s Magical Journey’ Copyrighted.