Many people believe Law of Attraction (LOA) information is a recent discovery. When one first happens upon LOA this IS true; they've had a breakthrough that allows for a different view of life.

Perhaps they discovered LOA by way of a conversation, movie, book, seminar or article. Those who are open to the information find their life takes on a new dimension; one they had no idea existed.

Yet, there are plenty of people who have known about LOA for years. Men and women who have studied the principles for decades.

The fact is, the information has been around for centuries. One need only do a quick Google search on the topic to find multiple resources on how powerful our thoughts and beliefs are in manifesting our experience; good or bad.

According to a posting on The Quality of Life blog, in 1879 the New York Times was the first major newspaper to use the phrase, describing the wagon trains of the Colorado gold rush as 'moving in obedience to some occult law that overcomes all obstacles in their progress to their destination'.

There were countless books published in the late 1800's and early 1900's containing LOA information. These books clearly explain the Law; what we experience on a conscious and tangible level begins with a thought. The thought resides in our conscious mind even though it is our subconscious mind that complies with the conscious mind's focus. It is the conscious mind that will feed "commands" to the subconscious mind.

It's likely you have repeatedly heard, "Thoughts are things. Thoughts are things."

It's very simple - whatever you think about long enough will come to pass. When groups of people believe the same thing it is sure to come to pass for this group.

Untold numbers of people do not fully understand how powerful their thoughts are. Yet, they continually create ample evidence their thoughts are in fact "creating their reality".

Although they may attempt to "condition" their thinking with positive thoughts and affirmations, within a very short period they go back to their old way of thinking. Why? Because it is familiar and more comfortable than sticking with the new thought process for indefinite periods of time.

When things continue the way they had been many nay sayers simply affirm, "See, I knew this stuff didn't work. There is no use in trying."

Actually, LOA is working for them. The mere fact one affirms LOA doesn't work prevents it from working on a level they understand thus making it work.

Many people think LOA is only about the good things we manifest. This is not how it works. It works for both our positive and negative thoughts.

For those who do understand how powerful thoughts are, we also realize our conscious thoughts are the breeding ground for intuitive thoughts.

Simply put, when you are affirming something is so you will be given supporting thoughts that guide you to the place of manifestation.

For example, while multitudes of people affirmed how bad the economy has been over the last few yaers (and had plenty of evidence to support this belief) there are countless others who continued to believe things were as good, if not better, than in the past. As a result of holding this belief in their consciousness they were given intuitive "hits' they could choose to act on (or not).

Rather than discount ideas as they came up they are willing to explore these ideas. While others continue to affirm how bad things are these men and women take action; action that more times than not produce amazing results.

While these folks are reaping the benefit of clear thinking, others continue to affirm things will never change, life is just rough, times are hard, and I never get any lucky breaks. Thus, this continues to be their reality.

If you are one who deeply understands how powerful your thoughts are in creating your reality, bravo! If, on the other hand, you are one who wonders if things will ever change due to nonstop obstacles, rather than continue with this way of thinking why not commit to changing your thinking.

One way to do this is to carefully examine those who seem to be "uniquely lucky". You will find the more you study and apply the thought processes of these "lucky" individuals the more you will begin attracting good to your life.

Even when outward situations seem to be working against us, when we understand the Law we know this is all a part of the master plan and nothing to concern ourselves with. Everything is a part of the masterplan of our life.

Our life is not made up of only a snapshot of today. Rather, it is made up of many, many snapshots that create a feature film. One in which we can write the script each and every day. What is the script you are writing?

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